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Intuition – Your Mind-Body Key to Health and Well-Being

What if you had intuition? And, what if intuition could improve your health and well-being?  How might your life be different if that were true? Like many people, I used to think that intuition was reserved for “the gifted”, and produced insight into the future or situations in a mystical way.  Does that resonate with your […]

Listen to Your Body: Heal From the Inside Out

Listen to Your Body In my last post, I suggested that if you are having health issues, experiencing chronic pain, or are stressed, something is calling for your attention. We are going to dig a little deeper into how to “answer your call”: listen to your body. Stress, pain, and health issues are a part of […]

Stressed? In Pain? Unhappy? Answer Your Call…

Something IS Calling You. Time to Answer Your Call? If you are stressed, in pain, unhappy, feeling out of balance, etc., something is calling you, needing your attention. Answer your call…. Lack energy, tired all of the time, and/or not sleeping well?  Something is calling you. If you have health issues, whether headaches, sciatica, GERD, diabetes, high […]