Listen to Your Body - Heal from the Inside Out

Listen to Your Body: Heal From the Inside Out

Listen to Your Body

In my last post, I suggested that if you are having health issues, experiencing chronic pain, or are stressed, something is calling for your attention. We are going to dig a little deeper into how to “answer your call”: listen to your body.

Stress, pain, and health issues are a part of being human.  Therefore, we will continue to experience them to some degree as long as we are living, breathing human beings.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to let them rule your life. They can be a rich opportunity to engage intentionally, proactively, co-creatively to in creating your reality, which may reduce and/or eliminate them depending upon their root causes.  . And, if you can’t eliminate them, you can still approach them as an opportunity to learn, and grow.  You can listen to your body, and your inner wisdom.

Richer Life Because of the Crisis? Survive, or THRIVE …..

Most of us know at least one story of someone who dealt with a crisis, or a life-limiting illness, and who’s life became richer as a result.  They had a wake-up call.  Their perspective changed.  They saw themselves and their lives differently, and responded.

What if that was their fate to experience the crisis because they didn’t answer “their call” sooner?  What if it serves some bigger purpose?What if answering that “call”, is in essence, looking at the bigger picture in a deeper way by following the guidance built within you toward health and wellness, and a greater way of Being?

What if you were to tune in, listen to your body deeply, and respond NOW, averting the crisis, and enriching your life sooner rather than later?  Maybe you won’t avert it, but by tuning in you can at least weather the crisis with greater ease and peace.

Would you rather thrive now, or simply survive?

3 Steps to More Energy, Peace, and Joy

As humans, we can only change so much, so fast.  And, we are all built certain ways that seem intended to always be.  But what if you became the best version of yourself, with the least stress, and best health you can have?

  1. Tune into your body and ask yourself:

    • What do I notice in my body?
    • How does my body feel?
    • Where do I not feel well?
    • Do I feel open, closed, tight, loose, heavy, light etc.?
    • Do I feel balanced and equal from side to side?
  2. Pay attention to the areas in which you are experiencing discomfort, dis-ease, or imbalance.

    • What functions do they perform?
    • How are they used?
    • What common metaphors might be associated with their function?

listen to your body - your sore neckLet’s look at the example I mentioned in another previous post, the common problem of a stiff or sore neck.  Asking the questions above, you may answer the following ways:

  • Your neck holds your head up.
  • It turns your head so you can look around.
  • It allows you to bow your head in grace.
  • Your neck is a connection between your head and the rest of you, especially your heart (interesting factoid from embryology here: early on in development, your heart is “above” your brain, and they eventually switch; there remains a connection in the 3rd cervical spinal segment to your heart).

3. Look at the way you are currently meeting, experiencing, and/or living life, including the themes and the metaphors that apply.

For example:

  • How would you describe the way you are meeting/experiencing/living life? Struggling? With grace and ease? In between? Avoiding it? Facing it head-on?
  • What themes/issues are in your common stresses?
  • What metaphors might describe your situation in 1 & 2 above?
    • Having trouble keeping your head above water?
    • Having trouble holding your head up high?
    • Sticking your neck out?
    • Feeling challenged to look at and know what is around you, or change your perspective?
    • Always looking over your shoulder?
    • Are your head and your heart fighting each other?

Listen to Your Body – Connect the Dots

With practice, you will begin to notice the relationships between what is going on in your life, and what is going on in your body.  There are patterns between physical sensations, and issues, and what is going on in your life. Once you notice the patterns, you can make new choices for your life and health from an “informed” place of awareness to address your health, and your life.

Why is This Important?

Isn’t this a different perspective, which offers insight and real solutions?  Doesn’t it make sense to go deeper and discover the causes of your stress and pain?

Yes, you may benefit from changing your pillow, or getting a new recliner, having a massage, or taking pain relievers.  However, if you are still struggling with the same life issues, your neck is still taking the hit, and prone to succumbing because your body still instinctively works in the same way despite the symptomatic relief you are applying. Your body is programmed to survive, but not necessarily thrive.

You Can Intercept the Program…

When you are aware of what is happening within you, you can intercept the process and improve your quality of life.

Looking at what is going on inside your mind relative to what is going on in your life, and connecting that to what is going on in your body can give you clues to how you can adjust your perspective, thinking, beliefs, and approach.  Those adjustments and course-corrections can bring different results.  Then you are solving the problem with a “different mind than the one that created it”.

Change originates inside of you that way.   This is an inside-out approach to wellness.


Listen to your body and your inner wisdom.  What are they telling you? How can you look at things differently from a higher perspective?  How can you respond, i.e. course-correct?


How can you adjust your thinking so that you are less stressed?  You will feel better and be healthier for it.


Listen to your body and your inner wisdom. I have found with many clients just having the awareness of what they are really thinking, how that makes them feel, and the effect that has on their body opens the door for new ways of thinking, doing, and being.  It happens organically.  And, they are better for it.

If you would like help listening to your body and your inner wisdom to discover the roots of your stress and pain, so you can create more energy, joy, and peace for yourself, contact me today for a complimentary consultation.

If you have trouble fitting yourself into your own priority list at all, grab your copy of my fr*e cheat sheet: “Seamlessly Fit You Into Your Busy Schedule” for 3 easy steps, and 7 simple ways to create “ME Time” today:Me Time Worksheet eBook Graphic Cover Pic jpg format


Stressed? In Pain? Unhappy? Answer Your Call…

Something IS Calling You. Time to Answer Your Call?

If you are stressed, in pain, unhappy, feeling out of balance, etc., something is calling you, needing your attention. Answer your call….

Lack energy, tired all of the time, and/or not sleeping well?  Something is calling you.

If you have health issues, whether headaches, sciatica, GERD, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., something is calling you.

If you repeatedly have thoughts such as “I’d really like to _____, but not now.  Maybe someday.  I don’t have the time, talent, skills, money anyway.  It is just a pipedream.  I don’t deserve it, couldn’t do it, and am too old.”  Something is calling you.

If you want more from your life, but don’t know what, nor know where to start……… can you guess what?  Something’s calling you.

Is something calling you? What is it?

Answer your call.

Answering the Call

If you know me or have been following me, you know that years ago I had my own challenges with physical symptoms that didn’t fit traditional diagnoses, and didn’t respond to conventional medical approaches.  Though not yet debilitating, my symptoms weren’t improving, and disability seemed a very real possibility in my youthful future.

At one point, I consulted with a massage therapist.  She asked if I had examined the emotional aspects of my life/situation.  I told her, “I am happy.  There is no issue there”.  I didn’t make an appointment with her.

And, I was happy.  In many ways. I loved my husband, my home, my family, my friends, my job, my life.  I did. (I still do, but even more so now….)

But, in a seemingly small way, I was not satisfied.  I was beginning to feel more uncomfortable with my work environment.  I persevered. I was challenging myself to grow in many ways through being there, which I valued, made me who I am, and do not regret.

So, I focused on the job in a way that resonated with me – one of helping people.  But I didn’t realize that none of this was really enough. Nor did I realize the huge importance of those whispers I was ignoring….

It Was Time for A Change.  Time to Answer My Call.

My Soul was guiding me toward that change.  It whispered the desire for something more meaningful in my life.  I ignored the whispers, as if they were frivolous, and not to be taken seriously.


Whispers - Answer Your CallThose whispers grew louder to get my attention in the exact language I would hear and understand: physical discomforts that became concerning, and more limiting.  I had to listen to them in order to not just feel better, but to BE better as well.  I had to transcend symptomatic relief, and find true, lasting change if I wanted to break the cycle and be free, healthy, and at peace.

Dr. John Upledger has referred to this inner healing wisdom as “your inner physician”.  His book, which I highly recommend, Your Inner Physician and You, was intriguing, enlightening, and pivotal in my understanding and use of these concepts.  (Get it: International Alliance of Health Care Educators,  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Good Reads, Google Books). (Dr. Upledger developed the method of craniosacral therapy that I first studied, that turned around my health and my life, and which is my first go-to with my clients).

Once I listened to the shouts, addressed them, and got to the root causes, my health improved, my symptoms subsided, and my life improved beyond anything I dreamed.  My relationship to myself, my life, and my health became clearer, and richer.  I became response-able, and peaceful thru anything life throws my way.

I stopped limiting my self to chasing symptoms, and began resolving my challenges at the roots.

How Did I Do It?

I became more respons-Able.

Conventional approaches treat symptoms.  They don’t get to the roots of my issues.  I learned that I was the only one who could truly do that.  I was the only one that had the inside information needed for that to happen.

I was the only one who could change what I was experiencing. I was responsible for my experience.

Others had knowledge, skills and expertise that supported me, yes.  Others could perform tests, evaluations and assessments that helped me quantify my situation.  Others provided craniosacral therapy, massage therapy, love, support, and guidance.

But, how I responded to my situation determined my experience and the direction of it.  And, I was able to respond, wasn’t I?  Therefore, I was respons-ABLE.

Answer Your Call - Have Faith

Change From The Inside Out

Ultimately, the changes needed had to come from within me.  No one else on the outside could truly know what was best for me. I was the only one who knew what the voices in my head were saying.  (Same voice that you have inside you that says, “What in the world does she mean here?” Or, “I know exactly what she means!”). I was the only one who knew exactly how I was feeling.

Only that Inner Wisdom built within me, keeping me safe and alive, healing my wounds, fighting off invasive microbes, replacing cells as they died off, maintaining my metabolism, keeping my heart beating, etc., could truly know what was best for me.  Tapping into it, listening to it, supporting it in supporting me is what got me through. It guided my healing journey every step of the way, and was even more powerful once I learned to partner with it, instead of relying on others to walk that path for me with an outside-in point of view.

Answer Your Call by Changing From the Inside Out

I became more respons-Able, which helped me improve and maintain balance in my life, giving me more energy, better health, increased connection and confidence in my decisions, and JOY.  I was even happier because I came to understand that I had a Purpose, and I was being guided to live it.  It was time not only to answer the call, but to live my Calling.

So How Can You Answer Your Call?

Be willing to do the work and make yourself a priority.  If you have trouble with this, grab your copy of my fr*e checklist to Seamlessly Fit “YOU” Into Your Busy Schedule:Give yourself some quality attention and care – healthy food, adequate hydration, quality rest, and LOVE.  Be the best version of YOU.  Don’t you want to be your best for those you love?

Assess your needs.  This isn’t intended to be a substitute for necessary medical or mental health treatment, and you should always seek such necessary treatment first.  Some people may find that this approach complements such care, and streamlines it.  In some cases this approach alone may suffice.

Answer Your Call. Tune In.

You can’t truly follow your guidance, get to the roots of your challenges, and create the joy, energy, and peace you desire without learning to tune into yourself.  This is the first step.

Tune into your body and ask yourself:

  1. What do I notice in my body?  How does my body feel?  Where do I not feel well?
  2. Do I feel open, closed, tight, loose, heavy, light etc.?
  3. Do I feel balanced and equal from side to side?

This is a skill you can master.  Having regular bodywork with a skilled practitioner helps you become even more aware of your body, and can give you a sense of it you won’t have without touch.  The latter is still true for me after nearly 20 years of weekly bodywork – it is part of how we are built.

It is work, yes.  In my experience, it is work I will trade for nothing because I know that no matter what happens, or doesn’t, my best interest is served. That brings me peace.

Find Your Peace

In my next post I will explore the next steps to… Answering Your Call.   For now, practice tuning into your body and see what you notice.  See how it feels throughout the day.  See how it feels and what you notice when you are stressed, vs. when you aren’t.  This is gold…….  It is your Pearl……

It is my wish that you find the peace you seek, too.

And, if you need a little support finding your solutions from the inside out, contact me today for a free consultation to see how we can work together to help you answer your call.

Answer Your Call - Find Peace

Mind-Body Continuum

Mind-Body Continuum

What do I mean “mind-body continuum”?

We often talk of the mind-body connection, as if mind and body are separate, but I have come to think it as a continuum: mind=body. Different aspects of the same……

This is similar to how vapor and ice are different states of water.  As the kinetic energy, i.e., energy of motion, within changes, so does the physical state of the water.   In the right set of circumstances, all states could exist at the “same time, same place”.

Your Mind Is Your Body like water is ice

I find this “mind-body continuum” model better serves me in understanding how “I work”, in managing my life and health, and in working with my clients.  I suspect it can serve you well, too.

Explaining “Your Mind is Your Body”…. Mind=Body

Let’s assume for argument’s sake here that it is true, as quantum physics now says is proven, that you (like everything) ARE energy (the scientific debates around this kind of do require a degree in rocket science to understand……). Matter = physical substance, i.e., your body.  Matter IS energy. It is simply energy in a very condensed state, which behaves in its own ways.  Like ice is very condensed water vapor and behaves differently than water vapor….  And, the water can contain other substances and components.

Wouldn’t you typically say thoughts are energy, not matter? They have a vibration, a quality that lifts you up, brings you down, or is somewhere between – neutral.

But wouldn’t you also agree that they also fuel creativity, whether it be the next greatest invention, dinner this evening, or peace in the world.  Aren’t the thoughts that created those things still embodied in those things?

When you think of “mind”, don’t you think of “thoughts”?  Your mind is thoughts, memories, etc.

Thoughts with that have a connection to feelings also make you calm, nervous, laugh, or even cry. They fuel responses in your body to make you sit up, run, stand, walk, etc.

Talking, laughing, relaxing, crying are all your body in motion, a state of being.  What if that were the same as water being liquid, snow, or ice based on the conditions, i.e. the “thought” at the time….?

What if it is thought, a function of “mind”, that is creating your body?  All of your body as you know it…… In other words, what if your body still embodies the thoughts that created it.

Suppose some of that “thought” creating you, is higher, bigger, greater than what you think of as “you”, or your conscious mind/Ego/intellect?  Even bigger than your subconscious mind…. What if that bigger, higher, greater “MIND” is what is meant by the term “superconscious”?

I am using these terms simply to represent an idea, a neutral conceptual framework for contemplation. It is not intended to have any affiliation with any spiritual or religious beliefs, and is intended to neither support nor negate any such beliefs.   These are paradigms that we are contemplating, exploring, researching, each in our own way.  The term “superconscious” can be substituted with the term for your higher power, for example.

What if you, and Life as you know it, are simply a beautiful, complex, awesome THOUGHT based in the superconscious MIND?

Why Do I Share the “Mind-Body Continuum” With You?

Why do I continue living my deep desire to inspire you to think out of the box, and open your heart to new possibilities?

For one thing, this IS what finally changed my life and health for the better when:

  • a traditional medical model alone did not help
  • that medical model not only didn’t feel like the “right fit”, it actually could have made me worse
  • that medical model disempowered me
  • I had no idea that it was time for a change in my life, until I listened to the now louder whispers of my non-conscious mind
  • I discovered “I” indeed had way more to do with what was happening than I realized
  • I realized how the past was still actually “my present” in unresolved patterns and emotional responses
  • I feared my condition would continue to worsen, and I may become disabled
  • I knew my life would lack meaning if I didn’t have the opportunity to bring the same awesome, life-changing awareness and opportunities to others

Another reason I persist?  I have already done the work, the learning curve, the trial and error, and I can save others from tripping over themselves, wasting valuable time and money trying to find their solutions. Not only can I help them find relief from their symptoms,  I can help them get to the roots of their problems so they have TRUE lasting change.

The information out there is vast, and it can be challenging to digest it all.  I can help you cut to the chase, take control of your life and health, get to the roots of your issues, dig for those pearls of wisdom in your stress and pain, and live your second chapter on your terms.  You CAN live your healthiest, best life yet.

Our beliefs influence our perceptions.  They can be limiting, or open us to new possibilities.  And, they tend to find evidence to reinforce themselves, unless we are willing to open ourselves to new ideas when the old ones aren’t working.  If you are stressed, your old ideas aren’t working…..

Mind-Body Continuum

Going Deeper into the Mind-Body Continuum

In my next article I will dig deeper into the different aspects of the mind, and the roles they play.  I trust that it will make this concept of the mind-body continuum even more intriguing, and understandable…..

In the meantime, I do believe you have enough to think about for now……

If you would like more depth than you get in these articles, or would like some tips on how to implement the information seamlessly into your life, JOIN MY LIST.  You will also get free resources, such as my eBook, “Creating Time for “ME””!, guided meditation recordings, and much more.  You will also have first access to my upcoming events, and exclusive savings.

And, as always, if you need some help going deeper, reach out for a complimentary consultation and begin to harvest your pearls of wisdom today – click:

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Spring Cleaning with Fireworks – for Your Inner Child


Its Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, a time when we naturally feel inspired to clean and organize.

Usually, that cleaning takes place in our external worlds: home, car, office, etc.

What about your internal world?  Your internal mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual world can benefit from cleansing, too.  It gets clogged and dirty naturally despite your good intentions.  And, how often do you say “NO” to the garbage being dumped into it?

Some people choose to fast, and/or do a liver cleanse at this time.  That is a good start (and should only be done when working with a qualified healthcare provider).

Taking stock of your thoughts and feelings can be helpful as well.  This requires being aware, brutally honest, and courageous enough to “go there”.  It can be a rich, rewarding, life-changing experience if handled in a healthy, mature manner.

Modern estimates are that only 1-5% of our thoughts and brain activity are conscious.  That means 95-99% of what goes on in our minds and brains is non-conscious. (Remember, your brain does way more than just think).

Your conscious mind can create new thoughts and ideas.  It can think “out of the box”.

Your non-conscious mind is like a mega computer or database loaded with programmed behaviors.  In fact, most of what is in your non-conscious mind is programmed in by the age of 6.  It reacts automatically to situations with previously stored responses, and cannot move beyond its box.  It works without the input from you conscious mind.  And, it is controlling your life……

You can only “think so much” at one time, right?  Even great multi-taskers have a limit….  So, focusing your thoughts on something positive doesn’t mean the negative thoughts aren’t happening under the surface.

It is great to focus on the positives, what IS working in your life.  It helps you move forward from where you are to where you may want to be.

However, consistently ignoring what is eating away at you & boiling beneath the surface isn’t good either.  Even the tiny things can add up till, well, “BOOM!”.  Tears, rants, raves, tantrums, and yes, health issues.

That is why it is important to tend to the root causes of your behaviors with a willingness to face those difficult thoughts, their resulting feelings, and emotions head-on.  Don’t get so caught up in staying positive that you forget not all of  “you” is “there yet”.

I have become very aware of that myself recently.

I am a passionate person.  I feel fully, deeply, HUGELY when my buttons are pushed.

The last few years have been full of growth and change for me.  My capacity to handle it all has been pushed to the limit. I love and embrace all of it.  No regrets.  I’ve done my human best.

Despite that, I also felt my frustration level growing.  My limit was finally exceeded.  I blew.  It was like fireworks in my living room.  fireworks-574739_640

Venting is an understatement, as I am sure my poor husband would tell you.  (He tried to do the supportive spouse thing and console me, which was like trying to suppress a fireworks display by throwing your jacket on it).

No one was hurt.  Nothing was broken except for shattering any respectable image he may have had left of me. But, damn, did I feel great after.  Tired, but relieved.  And, the next day I felt more refreshed, energized, and creative than I have in months.

What I find is that in “THOSE” moments, I am better able to know my true thoughts that are really causing my feelings.  That gives me the insight I really need to address the issues at hand.   Without my filters, my non-conscious mind is free to speak and reveal the pearls of wisdom within.

And, sometimes, all that is needed is to vent that energy, with physical activity, verbalizing, or even crying.  Many times I have had clients say, “I am afraid if I start crying, I won’t stop.”   Have you known anyone who has literally cried to death? However, how many people do you know who have died from stress related illnesses?

What is building and eating away at you inside like a cancer?

We are like batteries with our feelings being constantly charged and discharged.  That energy naturally needs to move thru/out or the battery will eventually explode, or corrode.  Make sense?

girl-1250679_640Even more importantly, what I discovered is that there are still parts of my inner child who is feeling past denial and wounds.  She doesn’t give a hoot what the reasons were that she was denied or hurt.  She is just waiting to have her tantrum.  To be witnessed, and HEARD.

Living in the positives, having harvested the pearls, often by-passes letting her be heard.

She lives largely in my non-conscious world.  Giving her a chance to be heard through guided imagery and craniosacral therapy has helped tremendously.  I have been able to process and resolve even more of those old patterns freeing more body, mind, & spirit.  Cleansing my internal world – without the fireworks…….

What’s your inner child longing for?  What awaits cleaning within you?

Would love to hear from you!  Your thoughts and comments are welcome.

Take a first step to focusing on you, creating ME time with the help of my fr*e 10-page ebook – grab your copy here: Creating TIme for Me!

Need help cleaning your inner world and harvesting the pearls of wisdom within?  Contact me for a fr*e consultation today – click below:

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I see your Light!  I see your Greatness!  Talk soon!  
Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.59.26 PM

p.s. For those following the story, the last news I had was that Adrienne cow would be fitted with platform shoes to help accommodate the shift in her pelvis and make her comfortable as she goes forward in life.  Surgery would be the only other option, and it is very risky.  If the shoes worked, she was to go to her new forever home this last week.  I have not heard the outcome yet.

Light at the End of a “Shouldy” Experience

Adrienne Cow & Kelly 2Have you ever had a day that was difficult yet rich and rewarding in many ways?  I had such a day Tuesday March 15th, resulting ultimately in saving a life. The epitome of Living my Purpose, it was a perfect example of my Mission.

You see, I was again called to help a Being who was living a very “should” existence “gone wrong”.  Turns out she was in for a course-correction to more fully align with her Purpose, and I was blessed to be a part of that, which was, literally a life-saving opportunity.

This Being was Adrienne, a 21-month old very sweet Holstein heifer.  Adrienne was born into our dairy herd with the idea that she would become a milk producer herself – thus beginning her long list of “should’s”.

This is what “should’ve” happened with her:

  • bred first time to give birth at 24-30 months old
  • produce milk for us to sell
  • give birth once a year to maintain milk production
  • live a productive life as a dairy cow – her Mission to fulfill her Purpose.

Because that is “what you should do” in this “family”.

What did happen: she was injured in the barnyard while out with the herd for breeding.  The exact nature of her pelvic injury could not be easily determined, and the vet recommended we give her time and see what happened.  She showed NO signs of pain, and compensated wonderfully for her disability.

I realized I was her best shot at having any quality of life, and I took a stand for her.  That meant pushing myself to a new level.  You see, my previous experience with our cows was that they aren’t receptive to affection and touch. They can quickly cause harm even with no such intention because of their size and power.  Helping her successfully meant I had to push my caution limits. Trust. Faith.

With an open heart, loving intentions, patience, and trust, I was able to treat her with craniosacral therapy and massage 5-7 days/week for almost a month.  Her body released and self-corrected as much as possible.  The swelling reduced.  She was able to bear more weight on the injured side.

Our mutual trust and respect grew. My husband said on more than one occasion, “You can’t do that with a heifer……” (as he watched me doing the “impossible”).  She guided the session, as is true with my human clients.

Despite all of that, her physical disability persisted significantly, leaving her unable to produce a calf with a favorable outcome for either one of them.  And, we learned 4 months after her injury that she was, in fact, 4 months pregnant.

She could not safely continue to live at our place with any quality of life.  She could not “do the job she should do” – be a dairy producer.  No calf = no milk = no job.

What could we do?  Any treatment was beyond our financial means.  Our choices were limited, including ending her life.  I couldn’t do that, though.  I felt that, with the right help (more than we could afford to give her), she could live a good life in the right place.

Her Soul was whispering for a course-correction that had been going unheard.  A course-correction that would better align her with her TRUE Purpose, her TRUE Mission, vs. the “should’s” that she had been living.  The “shoulds” as we believed them to be.  She was hearing those whispers, and thru her injury, and our connection, was communicating them to me.

My heart compelled me to reach out to my friend Susan Hamlin, The Saratoga Animal Whisperer , for support.  Susan suggested placement in a sanctuary.    We started with Spring Farm CARES, who referred us to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY.

Goodbye -

Monday 3/14/16 at about 5:15 pm I first spoke with Farm Sanctuary.  At 8:30 pm they emailed me that they would take her, and wanted to arrange for pick up as soon as possible.

I talked with their director Tuesday morning the 15th, and we arranged for them to pick her up.  I spent some time with Adrienne explaining what I knew of her future, saying “goodbye for now”, and receiving her thanks……


Just helpin'.jpg

I got a little unsolicited help from her for my day…

Chariot (1).jpgFarm Sanctuary picked her up at 1:30 pm that day.

I knew I was doing the “right thing”, because of the deep connection I have to my Inner Wisdom, yet my human side still worried about her.

The transport team was super. They were incredibly compassionate, and sensitive to my feelings.  They took every effort to make her comfortable, with thick bed of straw in the entire 24-foot trailer, and a bale of their best hay for munching during her trip.

First ClassShe loaded fairly easily.  She balked once, and my husband stopped.  I put my hands on her, and gently told her it was ok, that she was going for the help she needed and the life she deserved.

She was like a hound dog once inside the trailer, sniffing and exploring.  I knew she was ok so far.

She was taken to Cornell University Veterinary Hospital for admission, evaluation, and treatment. For those who don’t know, that is the “go to” place here for involved cases, and when service beyond the ability of the local veterinarians is in order.  I have been told that one of their team members is tops in the country for this situation.

Adrienne has had some X-rays which were inconclusive because of her size and the fact that she was standing.  She will have more while on the table under anesthesia.

She has aborted her calf, which, unfortunately, is best for all.

Now, we wait.  After evaluation and treatment, she will go to live at her new forever home at Farm Sanctuary.  I will visit.

I share this with you because so often we get tied to what or how we think things “should” be.  And, when we don’t open our hearts to the whispers of our Soul to look past those “shoulds”, to our TRUTH, the whispers get louder. The language changes to something we can hear…. often the loud shouts of trauma, crises, disruption.   Typically we then lament, mask the pain and go back to the same ways, vs. listening to the deeper message and responding accordingly.

There is light at the end of your “shoulds”, if you look down the tunnel for it. Open not just your eyes, but your heart to light the way in Trust and Faith.

I would have loved to see her body completely self-correct, and be “normal”.  If that had  happened, she would have continued as a dairy cow.  But I know that she has a different Mission, which would not have happened if things went as they “should have”.

Adrienne’s life is meant to be lived in other ways so that she can serve her Purpose.  In “doing” my Mission  (using my gifts and talents with craniosacral and massage therapy, following my Inner Wisdom) I was able to assist her in living her Purpose. It isn’t for me to know what that is, but to do my part in the journey.  I must remain detached from what I may think “should be”.

And, my Mission is evolving as a result.  My next steps are slowly being built and revealed. My life is forever changed. My nest is a little emptier. Because this sweet Being, in living her Purpose, as influenced how I live mine.

It isn’t always easy.  I am still human.  I sobbed this week as I haven’t in  while.  Despair, frustration, grief, relief, hope, gratitude, and joy.  Priceless.

Adrienne’s Purpose is still revealing itself, and it is still being served.  Being a dairy cow was the Mission she “should” have had.  Her TRUE Mission is being revealed as she more fully lives in alignment with her Purpose.  Who knows how many more lives she will touch?  She is HOME now, in her life.  Are you?

Your Purpose is what you HAVE  and your Vision is what will BE as a result of DOING your Mission.

My Purpose is to use my gifts and talents freely to transform the world, and my Soul’s Intentions for this lifetime are fulfilled.  It is my destiny and my birthright.   My Mission is what I DO to accomplish that.  My Vision is what will BE when that all falls into place.

What are your Vision, Mission, and Purpose?   If you aren’t sure, start here: Or, contact me today to see how you can begin spending your next chapter living On-Purpose.

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Feeling emotional. Bittersweet. Goodbye for now, and thank you!!!! Kelly