Here Are the Possibilities When We Work Together:

You’re a caring, compassionate, professional woman with a lot of wisdom and experience to offer, and you’ve given much of yourself to others over the years. But, as happy as you are with your life, there’s still something missing, right?

You want to feel great, have more energy, and awaken from a great night’s sleep to a life of depth, meaning and purpose.  You want to know yourself more deeply, be yourself more fully, and use your gifts and talents make your difference in the world.

And, you deserve to live that life, feeling great, fulfilled, peaceful and guilt-free.

It’s time to turn your attention inward and focus on YOU.

How? The roadmap to the health and life you want is built within you.  You just need to learn, as I once did, how to look within yourself for answers, read and follow that “map”, i.e. tune in the wisdom of your mind and body.

I can help you learn to tune in to your Inner Wisdom to follow that map on your journey to more energy, joy, peace, fulfillment and Purpose.

How my approach is YOU-nique:

 All aspects of you (mind, body, spirit, life) synchronistically create your reality.  And, all must be free to do their part to create wellbeing, peace, joy, etc.

If you aren’t healthy, happy, and fulfilled, there’s something holding you back, keeping you from what you desire, and you may not know what it is.

Together, we’ll holistically address what’s holding you back, and free you to live the clarity, peace, wellbeing and life your heart knows you were born to live. 

Your mind, body, spirit, and life are different aspects of a multi-dimensional continuum, YOU.  You know, like different states of matter, for example: water, ice, fog – OCEAN in a different form.

On the spiritual “side” there’s a plan for YOU. You’re created according to that plan as a you-nique mind manifesting as a you-nique body.  At the other  “side” is your  – YOUR experience/reality, a.k.a. your life.

Your nervous system guides you, correcting and healing, to keep you in line with that PLAN.  When you’re out of synch with it, you experience stress and challenges. And, they show up in your body as dysfunction, tension, illness as it responds to, and manifests your thoughts in physical form.

Your life’s also the result of your thoughts, and your actions brought to life through your body, in combination with the greater PLAN for YOU.   Change one aspect of “YOU”, and you affect them all.

So, if we address all aspects synchronistically, holistically, your “whole” will respond more efficiently and fully.  Then, all of you is working together, along for the ride in harmony.  Make sense?

Partnering together in this natural, organic journey, here’s what we can do together:

Non-linear process

Though this is a non-linear process, generally speaking, there’s a pattern that any growth and healing journey follows.


♥ Assess your situation, set your intentions, envision the possibilities

♥ Support you to stop your situation from worsening 

♥ Breakthrough your blocks, gently and naturally shifting from “stuck, stressed, and feeling it”, into “relaxed, renewed, and fulfilled”

♥ Discovering, embracing, and using the gifts within your challenges – pearls of wisdom within

♥ Resourcing you for self-reliant, on-going clarity, energy, joy, and peace.



The 3 basic ways we can work together to support you in your journey:

1. Need to create more clarity, joy, and satisfaction in your life, but can’t do it alone?

Transformational Life Coaching may be a dynamic resource for you to support and guide you through identifying and creating the changes you desire especially if:

♥ you’re committed to change but can’t do it alone
♥ your friends are supportive but can’t get you over the hump
you don’t need counseling, or counseling alone isn’t enough

Transformational Life Coaching’s a powerful holistic way to partner with a skilled professional to not only act differently by setting goals and being accountable (the typical life coaching approach), but to actually optimize your mindset for long-term, lasting results that feel natural and easy to you.  It’s about thinking and BEING differently, clarifying and using the relationship between mind, body, and spirit.

2. Need to relax deeply, releasing even long-held pain and tension in your body for more energy, health, and peace?

Craniosacral Therapy, a light touch bodywork that facilitates relaxation and self-correction, may be a great resource for you.  The beauty of it is that it optimizes your own natural self-correction abilities to release even long-held tension in your body, and get to the roots of your challenges.  Thus, your nervous system re-sets to a healthier “normal” balance between stressed/survival and rest/enjoy mode.

It holistically addresses all aspects of YOU with your physical aspect as primary access.


3. Desire all of the above, with true lasting change, wellbeing, peace and Purpose?

Sync-with-Your-Soul Well-Being Program can provide optimal results.  It’s a custom combination of craniosacral therapy and transformational coaching to optimize holistic change in body, mind, and spirit.

I’ve found the key to lasting change is to stop chasing symptoms, and get to the root of your problems.  Love the part of you that’s holding you back, release it and invite it along for the ride.

No part of your living or being exists in isolation.  What’s going on in your life IS going on in your body.  What is going on in your body IS going on in your life.

Connecting the dots between what is going on in your life and body with a holistic, multi-faceted approach can streamline your journey to well-being.  It helps cover all of your bases, and uncover the roots of your problems.

The next step?  Click here and apply for a complimentary Discovery Session today to discuss your needs, and see how we can make the most of all you already have going well for you. It’s time to Be YOU!