Transformational Life Coaching FAQ’s:

What is Life Coaching?

A life coach is a professional deeply trained to help you get perspective and clarity on such things as :

  • where you are at currently – what is/isn’t working for you
  • what you have settled on or are tolerating, what’s holding you back/blocking you
  • what you might want, and how you might create it

To bring your life to the next level in ways you haven’t been able to do on your own, your life coach serves as:

  • an objective guide in your process and transformation, seeing the bigger, deeper picture
  • cheerleader, brainstorming partner, sounding board, and
  • accountability partner

How? Your life coach sees the bigger, and deeper picture, helping to bring your attention to where it is most needed, helping you to envision your best life yet.  By helping you identify, sharpen, cultivate and use your innate skills, gifts, talents, strengths, and values you then are better able to bring your Vision to Life.

What is Transformational Life Coaching?

A  natural, gentle, organic, dynamic program that helps you get from who and where you are to who and where you may want to be.
For those who:

  • deeply desire to create their lives from the inside out with clarity, support, brainstorming, and accountability
  • need more help than a friend can give them yet are well-resourced with or without counseling or psychotherapy
  • desire to strengthen and add to their life skills and tools
  • are committed to creating and living their perfect recipe for their best life yet – a Life ON-Purpose Plan

Transformational Life Coaching

How is Transformational Life Coaching Different from Traditional Life Coaching?

Traditional life coaching:

  • Goals and accountability – often created intellectually, through reasoning.
  • An “outside-in” approach.
  • Often mainly involves acting differently.

Logic, intellect, rationality, and new behavior do have their place.  That approach often leaves you open to slipping back into the same obsolete patterns, vulnerable to living the “shoulds”, and “expecteds” that have left you unsatisfied so far.

Transformational Life Coaching helps you:

  • learn to transform obsolete habits and patterns of thinking and doing into empowering opportunities for growth and satisfaction
  • bring to light and LIFE the foundation of a fulfilling life:  your YOU-nique, TRUE wants, desires, values, gifts, traits, talents, and strengths
  • set goals you actually look forward to reaching
  • and be accountable not only to your coach, but ultimately to yourself for lasting results
  • formulate YOUR recipe for creating your BEST LIFE YET that you’ll look forward to using over and over again!

What is the Difference Between Life Coaching and Therapy?

This is an important question.  I am a coach, not a mental health practitioner.  If you need mental health care, you should seek it from a qualified provider.  Life coaching is not a substitute for such care, though it may or may not be a suitable complement to such care.  


  • focuses on examining and diagnosing the past
  • provides mental health care/treatment.

Transformational Coaching:

  • focuses on your worth and potential – what IS working
  • helps you assess where you are, your current reality, and move forward toward the results and future your Heart desires
  • is solution-oriented, not problem-focused
  • provides common sense guidelines for self awareness and appreciation, with structure, and accountability for creating a life you love.

Your coach provides you with tools, resources, support, and may help brainstorm ideas.  Additionally, your coach provides a systematic approach to planning your future, guides you to making decisions for yourself, and holds you accountable for taking the actions you decide upon.

How Do You Know if Transformational Life Coaching is Right for You?

  1. Do you want something different, but don’t know what you REALLY want?
  2. Need help discovering, overcoming, and dissolving your blocks and obstacles to having it?
  3. Desire to know who you REALLY are – traits, gifts, strengths, passions that CAN serve you well?
  4. Desire ideas and strategies to actually create the changes you seek?
  5. Tend to procrastinate, get easily distracted, be bad at saying “yes” and “no” when you should?
  6. Need someone to support you and hold you accountable?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the above questions, this program may be a dynamic resource for you.

Will Transformational Life Coaching Interfere with Your Current Religious or Spiritual Beliefs?

No.  I hold everyone’s spiritual beliefs in the highest regard. You have the power of choice to communicate those at any time.

How Do You Know if You’re Ready for Transformational Life Coaching?

Transformational Life Coaching is about being rigorously honest with yourself and your coach so that you can see what is REALLY working for you, and what is not.  That awareness will help you determine your next best steps.  Sometimes, one’s perspective is limiting them and that awareness creates a shift in how they see and approach their life so that that can create the changes they desire.  Ultimately, you are in charge of deciding which actions to take, if any.

Is what you have been doing working for you?  If not, are you ready to try something new?

Is your desire to create this change at a level 10? Are you ready to go deep?

Transformational Life Coaching is a process, which involves change.  Even though change can be exciting and welcomed, it can feel daunting.  Just like when you create a new home for yourself, at some point you know it is time to gather the tools and materials and begin.  You may experience highs, lows, and plateaus, but you stay focused on the beautiful end result you awaiting you through the “demolition” and “rebuild” process.

Similarly, you may now feel it is time to create some needed changes in yourself, and in your life.  As your Transformational Coach, I support you through all of those points in your process, to keep you focused and on-track. Learning the process and mastering the skill of “life transformation” provides you with tools and resources you can use again and again to cultivate a life of greater meaning and purpose.

If you are facing or considering a change, but aren’t sure how/where to start, why not apply for a complimentary, no obligation, Discovery Session today to discuss how Transformational Life Coaching could help you?  Click here to apply.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! How much longer do you want things to be as they are?

Isn’t it time to say “YES” to you, to your Life?  YES!!

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