Workshops & Events

  Midlife?  Stressed?  Health Issues?

Want more Fulfillment and Purpose?

Your guidance, answers, solutions ARE within you.

 Transcend and Resolve Health Issues and Stress

Join Kelly Myszkowski, Transformational Life Coach & Craniosacral Therapist, to learn to connect with your innate Inner Wisdom to:

  • Resolve and Transcend Health Issues and Stress
  • Reconnect with Your Life’s Meaning, Fulfillment, Purpose 

2-Part Workshop, 90-min each:

1. Intro to Synch with Your Soul:  (insight, awareness, understanding, experience) – helps participants gain some familiarity with the way their body responds to their thoughts, and how this can play an integral role in their health and well-being. This is the first resolving their health issues and stress at the roots. They, in turn, can use their body’s responses to help them make decisions that are suited to them.

 2. Synch with Your Soul – (deeper study, experience, implementation tools) – 90 min.: helps participants go deeper into understanding and deciphering the mind/body connection, the language of their inner wisdom. Further empowers them to implement this information to control their health and well-being. Identifying the thought patterns and underlying beliefs that are limiting them. Looking at how they may create new patterns of thinking, doing, being for improved health and wellness.

Saturday Sept. 16, and Sunday Sept. 17, 2017       2:00-3:30 pm    

$40 for both

Registration Deadline: 09/13/17

Location/Host: Namaste Yoga, 2 Franklin Square, Saratoga Springs

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Both involve: Discussion, lecture, movement, imagery and meditation, journaling.

Comfy clothes, water, pillows, blankets, journaling supplies, yoga mat if desired (will lay down, sit, and walk/move within one’s comfort level).

Here’s what previous workshop participants have shared:

“Kelly helped me to understand how we can heal ourselves.” Kathleen C.

“Kelly really helped me to recognize and relate to feelings in my body and how they relate to situations.  This has changed my life by investing in me.

For anyone considering working with Kelly I would say, go for it. Empower yourself. Become whole again.” – Michele Dinardo

“Kelly really helped me to get in touch with my inner knowledge and ability to see the reality of each situation. For anyone considering working with Kelly, I would say allow yourself to consider your thoughts and subconscious as a factor in your mind/body wellness.” Diane R.

“Kelly really helped me to remember that I am on the right path. Now I can manifest abundance.” – Heather Coleman

Tired of Stress and Pain?  Use them as insights to align with your Purpose, and find fulfillment.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Kelly is a wonderful teacher full of integrity. I have found the way she connects to the core of the work and each process extremely inspiring. Through the work we have done together I have learned so much about myself. Kelly is always fully present, and she articulates in a way that has given me a profound understanding of what Transformational Coaching is and how it can positively impact all of our lives. Kelly creates an exceptional space for growth, and I’m so grateful to have been taught by her.” 

Elisabeth O.U.K.

“Absolutely recommend it.  Useful, worthwhile, inspiring! Enjoyed it all – well paced, well structured. Well paced, good message and implementation and good response.  You really are talented, very good speaker – you must get more (and effective) exposure!

Alice Laurenson

“Soulful – come with an open mind.” 

Michelle Boylan

“Book her!!  She’s amazing. Everything was useful.  It was fantastic.”

Sue Finkst

“Open your mind, relax and listen, absorb it all, take it in.” 

Nancy Downing