“YOU have a Purpose.  Everyone does.  The human experience naturally conditions us out of out of sync with our Soul and our Purpose.  The resulting stress of those limitations is a guidepost to get us back on track.

When you listen to your natural guideposts, release limiting patterns, Sync with Your Soul™️, and live On-Purpose as you’re designed to do, you optimally make your YOU-nique contribution and difference in the world. Whether you’re making headlines, or simply, lovingly, powerfully leaving quiet imprints in the hearts of others. One. beat. At. A. Time.

Sync with Your Soul™️.  On-Purpose.”

– Kelly Myszkowski

You’re Successful in the Traditional Sense, Yet it Just…

 Doesn’t Feel Good Anymore.

There’s an instinctive stirring in your heart for something….

Purpose-FULL. Soul-FULL.

And, you can’t figure out what to do about it.

As an experienced, caring, successful professional woman, you’ve dedicated yourself to achieving everything as you were taught you should.  Career, title, paycheck, home, car, travel, relationships.  You could write the book on multi-tasking, playing by the rules, and people pleasing while wearing multiple hats. What could be missing?

Yet, something IS missing.

Despite success on the outside, you feel empty inside. You want to contribute your wisdom and talent to the world in a more meaningful way on your own terms. With ease, peace, and fulfillment.  Without the hustle, hectic schedule, and expectations of the working world.

But, you secretly feel uncertain, and even a bit guilty, as you ask that simple, life-changing question: “What IS my Purpose?”

And, you can’t figure out what to do about it….

You’re not alone, and, you’re not really lost, even though you may feel that way.

I’ve been there, too. I’m a living example of what happens when you DON’T, and the magic that happens when you DO, listen to the most important, accurate guidance you can have to a perfect fit life of peace, health, and Purpose.  Thus, I know: Nothing is “wrong.” You’re actually at the perfect crossroads to Sync with Your Soul™️, and take your next steps to making your YOU-nique difference in the world.  ON-Purpose.

Sync with Your Soul™️ Guided Session

Let’s Make Your Next Steps Your Most Soul-FULL Steps!

I can help you find your way back to “YOU”, Sync with Your Soul™️, and live the life you were born to live.

What I Know Is True:

  • You are YOU-niquely designed to live your Soul’s Intentions, your Purpose.
  • You have built-in guidance from your Soul, through your Inner Wisdom and intuition which expresses you-niquely within you.
  • Stress and dis-ease are part of that guidance system, nudging you to Sync with Your Soul™️ and follow it’s guidance to making your YOU-nique difference.
  • Life flows easier, and decisions are clearer, when you Sync with Your Soul™️

Wouldn’t your life be better if your decisions and choices were clearer and easier, freeing your energy for the way you really want to BE, doing the things you really want to DO?

Hello! I’m Kelly.  I’m a living example of what happens when you don’t listen to the most imporant guidance you have to what’s correct for you. While working in the corporate world, ignoring the whispers of my Soul, physical symptoms showed my way to a deeper calling.  Now, as a living example of the magic that happens when you DO Sync with Your Soul™️,  I now help smart, dedicated, caring professional women leave the hectic corporate world to live their Soul’s calling. A fulfilling life of Purpose, on their terms.

When you Sync with Your Soul™️,
allowing full Self-Expression of YOU and the life you’re born to live,

        • awaken excited about the life of depth, meaning, and Purpose awaiting you
        • are living your wisdom, gifts, and talents, instead of your “shoulds”
        • enjoy spending your time and energy on your own terms
        • are clear who you ARE, and your Purpose, beyond hats, roles, relationships, and titles
        • are your own greatest asset as your own priority, more present and available as you choose
        • are confident and clear in your direction and decisions, supported 24/7 by your built-in guidance system
        • feel alive, at ease, at peace, limitless, and healthy aligned mind-body-Soul-Purpose
        • leave your legacy: your YOU-nique difference for a better world.

Imagine that you and your dreams are now on the front burner.  No guilt. No regrets.

 How does that feel?

It.  IS.  Possible.

Now it’s YOUR turn….

After decades of dedication to being there and doing for others, it’s time to:

☑️  shed the guilt, frustration, and uncertainty

☑️  clarify your direction.

Wouldn’t it feel good to get out of your head, shoulds and musts, and into your heart, knowing and living YOUR Vision, Mission, and Purpose?  What might that be like?

Working together, I can help you do that.

And, yes it can be DAMN scary.  But, I’m here for you.  I can help you naturally let go of what isn’t working for you and embrace what does.  I invite you to stop trying to figure out what to do next.  That’s you being in your head.  I’m happy to answer a few quick questions by email if you prefer.

But, my best suggestion is to begin getting into your heart and moving toward knowing and creating what you REALLY want.  How?

Take Your 1st Step Today with a Sync with Your Soul™️Guided Session

I’ve created the Sync with Your Soul Guided Session to help you do just that – get into your heart, moving toward knowing and creating what you REALLY want. On-Purpose.

There’s no “One-Size Fits All” approach.  Using my decades of experience and expertise, I can help you walk YOUR YOU-nique path, ON-Purpose, with clarity, grace, and ease.  I know what you need to do to Sync with Your Soul™️, and together we’ll get you to your next steps.

Your Sync with Your Soul™️ Guided Session connects you with your YOU-nique, built-in, 24/7 guidance to letting go of what no longer works for you and embracing what does.

Choices. Decisions. Step-by-Step Changes.

Get started today. Live the potential and possibilities of a life On-Purpose, without regrets from a life unlived.  Get the deet’s here.

*** NOTE: Results are not guaranteed, nor is this work intended to be a substitute for necessary medical and/or mental health care.  Each person’s needs, situation, experience, and results are different, and play a part in whether additional support and professional care are needed.

Sync with Your Soul™️ Guided Session

What Happy Clients Are Saying:

“When I first started coaching with Kelly, I wanted to become clear about who I am, and what I need for myself in my life, and in my relationship with my husband. I didn’t know where to begin, nor did I have the strength to go forward myself.

I can’t believe how much coaching helped me. I am amazed at the strength in myself that I’ve discovered through this and the tools that you’ve given me to deal with my issues. It’s been great. The notes, exercises, and meditations are fabulous! I have been relying on them. Every time we do one I add that into part of my day. I plan on using a lot of what you’ve taught me on my own to continue to create the life and relationship that are best for me.”

C.F. , Self Employed, age 65+

I find working with Kelly to be invaluable. Whether talking with her of things that I feel unsettled and unclear about or in doubt of my ability to bounce back from struggles, Kelly’s perspective and intuitive perceptions always lead me out of the woods.

It’s like she shines a flashlight, pointing to exactly what I need to see or couldn’t see at that moment and what my next step to take is. She has a way with words, so I “get” it and a way with re-stating the obvious so my path is ultra-clear when I can’t see the forest for the trees. Kelly has a gift of drawing forth out of me, gracefully and painlessly, the clarity and confidence that I know is there, but sometimes lose touch with.

I always leave feeling encouraged and knowing everything is going to be ok.”

Stacy J.

When I began working with Kelly, I was feeling unclear about my teaching work and nearing overwhelm.  I wanted to gain clarity and direction. 

We worked together about 6 months.  As a result of working with Kelly, I have felt inspired to make changes and determined to drop teaching a course that was frustrating and a time and energy drain.

I found Kelly’s use of guided imagery very helpful to get in touch with my intuition.

To anyone considering working with Kelly I would say it’s a great investment – do it!”

D. N.