Is it time to finally focus on YOU?

Time to reduce stress, feel great, increase energy, meaning, and Purpose in your life?

Imagine waking up every morning feeling energetic, joyful, and at peace.  Imagine feeling fulfilled, knowing and living your Purpose……

You can.

I help mid-life women who are seeking more depth, meaning, Purpose, energy, and joy in their lives learn to tune in to the wisdom of their mind and body to guide them to greater health and well-being.

The “problems” you have are like pearls of wisdom waiting to be harvested, guiding you to a richer experience of life.  I help you tune into that wisdom to let go of who you think you should be, and find out who you REALLY are.

Once you begin to understand the connection between what is going on in your body and in your life,  you can stop chasing symptoms, use the connection to naturally resolve your issues at the root, and follow their guidance to the fulfillment and Purpose you long for.

I’ve done it….. and I can teach you to do it, too.   – Kelly Myszkowski, LMT, BCTMB, BCST, CTC, CGI

What are your pearls?       Explore the possibilities:

When your body starts talking to you more often, it is common to blame it on “age”.  What if really “age” is really years spent:

  • not knowing how to listen to your body,
  • not knowing how to get to the root of what is happening, and
  • chasing symptoms because you don’t have time to do what is really needed to not just feel better, but to actually BE better?

After years of devoting your attention everyone and everything else but YOU, it is perfectly natural to find yourself wondering “Who am I? What’s next for me?”, and feeling less great than you would like.  Start making the changes you desire by grabbing your copy of my free guide: 

What Happy Clients are Saying:

When I first started coaching with Kelly, I wanted to become clear about who I am, and what I need for myself in my life, and in my relationship with my husband.  I didn’t know where to begin, nor did I have the strength to go forward myself.

I can’t believe how much coaching helped me. I am amazed at the strength in myself that I’ve discovered thru this and the tools that you’ve given me to deal with my issues.  It’s been great.  The notes, exercises, and meditations are fabulous!  I have been relying on them.  Every time we do one I add that into part of my day.  I plan on using a lot of what you’ve taught me on my own to continue to create the life and relationship that are best for me.”

C.F.Self Employed, age 65+

“I was struggling with migraines.  I have experienced a decrease in frequency and severity of migraines, and eliminated use of prescription medication, beginning after 1-2 sessions.  The benefits have increased with each session.  I am thrilled!  I am now able to treat migraines with over-the-counter pain killers, and they no longer ruin my life!!!”

AmandaCustomer Service Rep.

I was struggling with back, neck, and heel pain/discomfort, as well as stress-related jaw and neck tension.  It took about 4 sessions for me to experience less pain and more mobility (I could ride my bike again!).  I feel very good, relaxed, peaceful, and centered after my sessions.  I am healthier because of massage and craniosacral therapy!”

Coleen ComptonDental Assistant, Age 56

When I first began working with Kelly over 14 years ago, I was dealing with a sudden elevation of blood pressure, stiffness in hips, various tender trigger points, and anxiety. My doctor suggested that I would probably benefit from massage therapy (along with medications). She was right!

The tangible results include relief from stiffness, loosening of scar tissue after knee replacement surgery, as well as treating other joints prior to arthroscopic surgery.

However, it is the intangibles that are difficult to describe. I know the massages  are healing. She senses when I am ready to stop talking and focus inward. My mind travels and I have discovered details for my writing during many sessions. I’ve continued to work with Kelly once a month because my well-being is enhanced by her touch, her calming sensitivity, and quiet sense of humor. She understands the importance of the writing retreats that I attend and provides a safe, quiet, atmosphere that is a kind of meditation.

Kelly also helped my daughter relieve head and neck pain after suffering several concussions. If I recommended her for my daughter, I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for physical relief and for improving their well being even if I can’t be more specific about why I’m there once a month treating myself to what I know is good for me.”

A. M.

Results are not guaranteed, nor is this work intended to be a substitute for necessary medical and/or mental health care.  Each person’s needs, situation, experience, and results are different, and play a part in whether additional support and professional care are needed.