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Feeling stressed and helpless with all that’s going on in the world, or even in your life? You CAN do something about what is/isn’t happening. And, it’s likely easier than you think.  Stress can be an opportunity for creating change in the world, and in your life.

I hope you find value this article, adapted from its original version published in Luminous Wisdom Sophia October, 2017.   To get your subscription, click here.

Finding Inspiration….

Feeling Stressed and Helpless - finding inspirationI’ve had a very stressful summer, and was actually unsure what to write this month. I trusted the topic would show itself in time, though. And, it did when I ran into a friend after 2 years of trying to connect. She said how many women she knows feel afraid, frustrated, and powerless in the face of all that’s happening in the U.S., and the world. She’s encouraged them to do their own part, creating the best life they can within their own reach, then they’ll create ripples that reach beyond. Aahh… a like-hearted person, and the needed inspiration……

In the Context of the Whole

What if we considered ourselves “cells” in the Whole, with a job, a special Purpose? What if we only worried about what we ARE designed to do?

Think about it. Do the cells of your organs worry about doing jobs they aren’t designed to do, or do they simply do their best within their scope? The difference between those cells and “us”? Our fabulous Ego minds judge the situation, can leave us feeling insignificant in the big scheme, and distract us into trying too hard, feeling stressed and helpless.

Previously, I’ve shared that your body’s saying “Be YOU”, showing you that your answers and guidance to living aligned with your Purpose are within you. I’ve given tips to handle the tough times, including taking adult baby steps when making changes, facilitated by following your heart, trusting your gut, and showing your fearful mind it isn’t all bad.  All of this should help give some perspective, some anchor, some guide.

Feeling Stressed and Helpless? What if…..

Feeling stressed and helpless? Tend to what's calling your attention right in front of you.What if you tended to what’s right in front of you, calling your attention? How would it feel if you remained connected and in the flow with the rhythms of life, following your heart?  Your stress would be alleviated.

By tending to what’s calling you and following your heart synched with life’s flow and rhythms, you ARE doing your part, making your difference, creating ripples that touch and influence others.

I invite you to recognize discomfort is your nervous system guiding and motivating you to make your difference in the ways you’re You-niquely designed to do. Whatever’s calling your attention IS what needs it. It may be tending to your physical symptoms of stress, embarking on your bucket list journey, simply being more present, or following your True calling. Maybe you’re a change agent. Being your best self by caring for yourself, and following your Inner Wisdom speaking through your heart IS doing what you’re here to do. It IS making your difference, regardless of how grand, or insignificant you judge it to be.

Feeling stressed and helpless - you never know what ripples your changes may create

But, you don’t know what you don’t know……

We may never know whom we reach, nor the differences we make. But, our Purpose isn’t just about our impact on the outside. It’s about our own growth and journey. When feeling powerless, I choose to remember I’m creating ripples that reach beyond what I may see and know.  My feeling of powerlessness is my own judgement, based upon my own limiting beliefs.  I choose to re-evaluate those beliefs, and reach beyond those limits.

You can continue feeling stressed and helpless.  Or, you can choose to adopt a higher perspective, shift your focus, and tend to what’s calling YOU.

What do you choose? What ripples of change will you create today?

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