Sync with Your Soul™️ Guided Session

You’re committed to optimally living your Purpose with heart and intention, and making your YOU-nique difference in the world.

You’re in the right place, and it’s time.

I’ve seen countless people live their limiting shoulds, musts, habits, and patterns, ultimately settling for, and struggling with, a life that no longer works.  It’s heartbreaking. They don’t see the clarity, guidance, and confidence to let go and take their next steps IS within them.  Their intuition, stress, confusion, and dissatisfaction ARE their built-in, 24/7, Soul’s guidance to what’s next.

I’m a living example of what happens when you don’t listen to the most important guidance you can have to living ON-Purpose and making your YOU-nique difference in the world.  And, I’m a living example of the magic that happens… when you DO!

That’s why I created the Sync with Your Soul Guided Session, from the first part of my coaching program.  There’s no “One-Size Fits All” approach.  Using my decades of experience and expertise, I can help you Sync with Your Soul as you walk YOUR YOU-nique path, On-Purpose, with clarity, grace, and ease.  I know what you need to do to Sync with Your Soul, and together we’ll get you to your next steps through this Guided Session.

Get started today. Live the potential and possibilities of a life On-Purpose, without regrets from a life unlived.

Your Sync with Your Soul Guided Session connects you with your YOU-nique, built-in, 24/7 guidance to letting go of what no longer works for you, and embracing what does.  

Choices. Decisions. Step by Step Changes.

Illuminate what’s holding you back, waiting to be transformed and embraced for the gifts within its shadows and challenges.

Reveal your natural next steps to a fulfilling life On-Purpose, making your YOU-nique difference.

The life your Soul knows you were born to live is waiting for you.

What is a Sync with Your Soul Guided Session?

The Logistics…

STEP 1: Purchase Your Sync with Your Soul Guided Session – $497

Fulfilling, lasting change begins with a commitment to your transformational experience.

Your decision to Sync with Your Soul, is a demonstration of your commitment to shifting the energy in yourself and your life, initiating your own transformation.


STEP 2: Relax, Go Within, & Discover What’s Next

Complete the Sync with Your Soul Guided Session experience, including the on-own exercises in preparation for your 60-minute guided session with Kelly.

This process will help you:

  • relax,
  • transcend the limits of your busy mind to connect with your creative self, potentials, and possibilities, and
  • discover the present pattern ready to be transformed and transmuted in yourself, and your life.

This naturally opens you up to allowing, and knowing what’s next.

Some people will feel complete here for now.  And, for others, this will be a jumpstart for deeper work.


STEP 3: Embody New Ways of BEING and DOING

Insights and ah-ha’s are awesome!!!

They can leave you feeling that you’ve “finally!!!!” found your answers, and have what you need.  But they’re a short moment in time.  And, they’re cheap.

Transformation is priceless, and is key to lasting change. 

Integrating the transformation initiated by those insights into your BEING, and your life, takes time.  And, it can be challenging to “BE differently” when the rest of the world hasn’t gotten the change order.

That’s why your Sync with Your Soul Guided Session includes the design of a custom 1:1 coaching program to help you deepen your transformational journey, and integrate your new energy into every area of your life On-Purpose.  After our session, I’ll sync with MY Soul to craft a proposal, and circle back to you in a few days with a suggestion of how we may work together to support you in creating the life you say is important to you.

If you decide to delve into deeper work with me, your investment in your Sync with Your Soul Intro Session will be applied to your 1:1 coaching program.  (Programs vary in length – typically 3-6 months – and start at $2k).


Picture of Kelly

I’m Kelly.

I help empower experienced, professional women, like you, sync with their Soul to let go of what no longer works, embody their full potential, and make their YOU-nique difference in the world.  On-Purpose.

A Sync with Your Soul Guided Session IS for you if:

  • You desire to create lasting change and be the best version of YOU possible
  • You know there’s a limiting pattern you can’t quite address on your own and you’re willing to explore it
  • Unknowns and being uncomfortable are worth the risk to create lasting change because what’s waiting for you on the other side is worth it.
  • You want to deepen the relationship with your Soul, and your trust in its guidance in personal and professional decision-making through all circumstances.
  • Your Soul’s saying, “YES, IT’S TIME! Let’s do this!”, and you trust it, even if it’s scary and makes no sense.

A Sync with Your Soul Guided Session is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not ready and willing to embark on an adventure into the “uncomfortable and unknown”
  • You’re not ready, willing, and able to invest time, energy and resources in your own transformation
  • You aren’t prepared and willing to challenge your status quo, even if it isn’t working for you any longer


I invite you to deeply Sync with YOUR Soul…. with me. 

There’s a Purpose waiting to be expressed fully and fulfilled, as YOU, through YOU.

If your Soul is undeniably saying “Yes!!!”, I invite you to join me as you Sync with Your Soul, and allow the fullest expression of YOU in creating your Next Chapter.

I would be honored to partner with you in this next leg of your journey to living in Sync with Your Soul, joyfully, gracefully, with ease On-Purpose. 

I see your Light!!!  I see your Greatness!!!

Love and Peace,

Do you have questions, or desire a conversation exploring whether a Sync with Your Soul Guided Session is a fit for you?

Let’s talk.  Grab a spot on my calendar here.


I’m not quite ready….. Is there another option?

Sync with Your Soul Guided Session sounds wonderful, but you’re not quite ready to make that investment of your time and energy. You want to learn about yourself and connect with your Inner Wisdom, but you don’t want, or you’re not yet ready for, an individual coaching session.

If that’s the case, you want Sync with Your Creative Soul-FULL Self. This is a self-guided inner journey to the heart of you. It’s included in the Sync with Your Soul Guided Session, but you can purchase it separately. (If you decide to upgrade later and buy the Sync with Your Soul Guided Session, your payment of Sync with Your Creative Soul-FULL Self will apply to your purchase!).

Click here to Learn More About “Sync with Your Creative Soul-FULL Self”.