You Want Your Life to Be Easier and More Fulfilling.

And, it can be…. through a greater understanding of who you ARE, and how you tick.

Tips for making decisions, and managing challenges and limiting patterns correctly for you would be awesome, too.  Right?

A Human Design Analysis Session is one tool that can help with that.

Through a basic Human Design Analysis Session you’ll:

        • gain familiarity with your bodygraph (the funky chart with all the symbols and colors representing YOU and your Design)
        • gain clarity on your general role (Type), and how your energy works best in the world (Strategy)
        • learn your correct way (in Human Design terms) of making decisions (Authority) 
        • learn what differentiates you from others of the same type (Profile) – essentially the costume of your Purpose on the stage of your life
        • gain key pieces of go-to information for when you’re struggling, making choices, making changes, etc.
        • gain a foundational, practical understanding of the energy dynamics and mechanics you experience across all situations, circumstances, and relationships
        • leave with practical tips and suggestions to help you more optimally align with your Design and allow your potential to more fully express your Purpose in your life now.

Please note that my training is in traditional Human Design.  Humanity is evolving, as are the cosmic influences that are affecting you.  Your HD chart is a snapshot of a moment in time.  I offer a basic overview of what I see in it, for you to decide what is/isn’t a fit for you.

I am not a certified analyst.  If you desire to dig deeply into this area, please find an analyst with the background that matches your needs.

Picture of Kelly

I’m a living example of the stress and challengest that  happen when you DON’T listen to the most important guidance you can have to making your YOU-nique difference in the world ON-Purpose.  AND, I’m a living example of the magic that happens when you DO.

I’m Kelly Myszkowski.  I help empower experienced, professional women, like you, sync with their Soul to let go of what no longer works, and make their YOU-nique difference in the world ON-Purpose.

Understanding myself on a very deep level has helped me sync with my Soul to an even greater degree.  That’s why I include elements of Human Design analysis in my Sync with Your Soul Coaching Program.  There’s no “One-Size Fits All” approach to living life, and navigating its challenges.  Using my decades of experience and expertise, I can help you walk YOUR YOU-nique path, ON-Purpose, with clarity, grace, and ease.  Understanding the dynamics and mechanics of how your Design does YOU is invaluable in doing that, to keep you on track efficiently and effectively BEING YOU.  I know what you need to do to Sync with Your Soul, and together we’ll get you to your next steps.

The Logistics (your investment is $125 for the session):

1. Email me a request for a HD Analysis Session. Include:

      • Your birth date, exact time (we can dowse if needed), and location (city, state/prov., country)
      • What prompted you to request a session – what are you most curious about?

2. I’ll obtain your bodygraph, THEN send you a link to book your 1 hour session.

3. I’ll invoice you $125 for the session.

4. We’ll meet at the time via Zoom.

Get started today.  

Live the potential and possibilities of your life ON-Purpose, aligned with your Design, in Sync with Your Soul,  without regrets from a life unlived.

Are you ready to learn more about your Human Design?