Meet Kelly Myszkowski

Kelly MyszkowksiYou’ve lived your life the best you could so far, setting your priorities, and giving 100% to everything and everyone else.  As much as you have enjoyed it, it’s catching up to you, and not feeling good.

Now, it’s time to focus on you, to have the quality health and life you have longed for, making your difference in the world.

My name is Kelly Myszkowski, and I help caring, dedicated, professional midlife women like you understand the true source of your stress and pain (physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual), find who you really are and what you really want, to create well-being for your body, mind, and spirit.

Decades ago, I was working in the corporate world when physical symptoms revealed a deeper calling.

One could say I was successful in a fairly traditional sense. I had a great job that checked many of my boxes and my personal life was good.

My Realization: 

But, I didn’t realize my Soul was whispering to me, nor did I know the detrimental impact of not heeding those whispers. I was following the steps that unfolded before me, and didn’t know better.

I Didn’t Know I was on The Edge of Wanting a Change….


Maybe you’ve heard similar whispers, too?

It was enough that I became a fairly regular coffee drinker, as co-workers “warned”. I managed to squirrel away from the golf course, yet feared I’d soon be out of trees to hide in. But, pressure was mounting in important ways that desecrated my comfort level in my job.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. The pressure to conform is mounting and it doesn’t feel good.” Though great at it my work, I really wasn’t keen on the objective (protecting our bottom line), and I strived to focus on “my” bigger picture (helping businesses and people). I pushed the limits of an unconventional job in non-traditional environments, with my credibility continually vulnerable. I was paid for my opinion, knowing if I opined “wrong”, the consequences could be dire. “Permanent-residence-in-a-tree” dire.



I maintained my focus. Positive thinking at its best.

“Wouldn’t it be great to work with people in a way that really improved their lives?” A whisper well beneath the audible level. But it was there. And it grew louder, in the best way for me to hear it: my health and wellbeing.
Why didn’t I hear and heed the whispers? Conditioned deaf ignorance. No blame, just what happens. Yep.



You can do anything you put your mind to. Match your skills to a job, earn enough to cover your bills, do what’s expected, meet your performance goals for the year. Agree to new performance standards, accept your raise, smile. Thank. Repeat. Grab a cup of coffee and look for a tree.


Oh, and really BEING YOU, stepping fully into your genius on YOUR terms, and being joyfully fulfilled? You know (or not…): Living ON-Purpose. Not part of… the program. Not important. Not the focus. Not you, not you now, not what matters, not what ya do. A pipe dream. Someday. Not today. 

My Soul-ution…..

As I finally found the perfect way to allow the physical symptoms and distressing patterns to naturally unwind, I realized not only was my body changing and feeling better, my life was too. # nosh*t. I began to naturally align with who I am, what really matters to me, and make life choices to support that. Mind-body-Soul-Purpose aligned as I was designed to BE. #whataconcept.
And, I knew, in my heart of hearts, ALL of the steps I followed were part of a grander plan of growth, and awakening. It was time to take the next steps, leave the corporate world behind (well, truth be told, re-organization eliminated my job before I got the courage to follow my heart otherwise. more stress), and create a lifestyle-friendly business where I help others sync with their Souls. Naturally. Organically. On-Purpose. #neverlookedback.


What I Know and Live By…

Over the decades and thousands of hours of my own healing, awakening, training, and experience working with bodywork and coaching clients, I’ve come to understand that 1. We ALL have a Purpose, and 2. We have stress all wrong. Stress isn’t something to be masked, band-aided, drugged, surgically removed, managed, or eliminated. Stress is a friend, a gift, built into your design as a guide. Available 24/7.

Stress is showing you that you’re on the edge of wanting to create greater in your life.  To:

      • be a happier, healthier person
      • bust out of the box of your conditioning, limiting beliefs, and the needs and expectations of others
      • live on your terms
      • know who you’re designed to BE, and
      • live On-Purpose.

And, stress will keep tapping you on the shoulder, smacking you up-side the head, and eventually bowl you over until you listen and BE.

Stronger For It…

If I’d had all of the tools and resources THEN that I use for myself and my clients NOW, it would have been much less… stress-full. But, it didn’t kill me, it made me stronger, with the skills and tools to naturally, organically help others know who they ARE, what matters to them, and align their choices to living On-Purpose.
One of my dear coaches and colleagues calls me “the clarity queen”. I rock at shining light on what you most need to see, know, and tend to (*HINT: its often easier than you think), helping you make choices that are most in alignment with YOU. Mind-body-Soul-Purpose.


What is going on in your life IS going on in your body.  What is going on in your body IS going on in your life.  Mind=body.

We haven’t been taught that traditionally. That can make it a hard concept to understand, embrace, and apply.  That’s where I come in.

The same principles I live by – listening to one’s Inner Wisdom to support healing and make choices, vs. imposing an agenda from the outside – guide all of the work I do with clients, and give direct access to that instinctive memory of who you were born to be.

My greatest gift is my ability to listen deeply to you, find what is awaiting discovery beneath the surface, shedding light on it giving you new perspective and insights, and helping you to discover and embrace the solutions that fit you best. 

I love connecting heart to heart with clients, helping them to see their situation clearly, transform their pain points into empowering opportunities, and create a life they love.  Their Best Life Yet.  For an amazing next chapter! On-Purpose.

This is why I want to share the Sync with Your Soul Guided Session opportunity with you. It allows you to connect with your YOU-nique, built-in, 24/7 guidance to letting go of what no longer works for you, and embrace what does.

Illuminate what’s holding you back, waiting to be transformed and embraced for the gifts within its shadows and challenges.

Reveal your natural next steps to a fulfilling life On-Purpose, making your YOU-nique difference.

The life your Soul knows you were born to live is waiting for you. Learn more about the Sync with Your Soul™️ Guided Session.

The Personal Side of Kelly Myszkowski….

On the personal side, I love connecting and sharing with others, learning, growing, laughing, having fun, and living On-Purpose.  I am committed to living my best life yet, and helping others do the same. It IS my life.  It isn’t work.

When not focused on that, I love spending time walking, being outside, watching the sunset, and being near the water when not home with my husband on our (ok, really his – 4th-generation) dairy farm.

And, I love my inner work and meditation time……

MY VISION: A world in which everyone knows and lives their Purpose, making their YOU-nique difference in All That Is.

MY MISSION: To guide others to know who they ARE, and live authentically as guided by their Soul

MY PURPOSE: To live my Soul’s Intentions for this lifetime. 


Reaching Out…

If you wish to talk with me to get some insight into the “shouts” in your life, email me to request a complimentary Self Discovery and Clarity consultation.  Click here to apply for your consultation.

Contact Kelly Myszkowski

What’s your pearl?

Don’t just feel better. BE better!

You will gain new insights into what is keeping you where you are. You will discover exciting new possibilities.  You’ll walk away with a clear roadmap of action steps you can take to reach your goals. If it looks like we are a good match, I will happily share with you how I can support you, and I may even invite you to work with me.  Don’t be offended if I don’t – it just doesn’t make sense for me to work with everyone.

I see your Light!  I see your Greatness!  Talk to you soon!

Kelly Myszkowski