Relax Deeply. Release.  Allow. Refresh. Reconnect.
Sync with Your Soul…

I help Soul-FULL, mature, successful yet unfulfilled, professional women let go of what’s no longer serving them, Sync with their Soul to find their Purpose-FULL “What’s Next for ME?”, and make their YOU-nique difference in the world, in various client-centered ways. 

As a result, they feel great, know who they ARE, and confidently follow their innate guidance when making decisions, and live their Purpose-FULL “What’s Next?” with no regrets. 

“Purpose” means different things to different people.  I believe our Purpose is deep, and transcends all circumstances beyond all roles, hats, and/or titles.  My Purpose: To live aligned with my Soul’s Intentions. 

I help you BE YOU.  By understanding who you ARE, how your system works, and gaining fluency working with your innate guidance system, you’re empowered to live the life your Soul knows you were born to live.

Our work together helps you organically navigate doubt, uncertainty, confusion, and overwhelm to reconnect with the truth of who you ARE beneath all of the layers of conditioning and beliefs, across all timelines and dimensions.  Your innate Inner Wisdom, or Intelligence, is trying to help you course correct, and align with your Highest Expression of who you ARE, freeing you from the limits you’ve learned to live (whether you’re aware of them or not), letting go of what no longer serves you, finding your “What’s Next?”, and making your YOU-nique difference in the world.  (SIDE EFFECT: FEELING GREAT!).

Your Soul guides you in many ways.  It begins with whispers, which can be anything from a subtle knowing, gut feeling, voice in your head, vision, etc., and, if unheeded, will grow louder.  The “louder” guidance can be stress and life challenges, and that dis-ease can become disease if needed to get your attention.  I help you connect the dots between your guidance, mind, body, and life. 

I have no regrets.  I always followed the steps before me, which always served in some way.  What I didn’t know was that there were many outdated limiting beliefs and paradigms dictating the steps that appeared, and they were keeping me from my full potential.  That limitation grew into physical discomforts. That was part of my journey by design. My #1: My spiritual journey.

When I let go of living by those outdated paradigms and beliefs, new amazing opportunities opened for me.  As I unwound the limiting belief that “Purpose” was reserved for the “chosen few special people”, my perspective, body, and life all changed naturally, synchronistically.  I partnered with, and resourced, my innate self-correcting systems.  I had the support and resources of the Universe behind me, and the guidance of my Soul, with it’s all-knowing perspective to light the way.  I then took aligned action as I was guided to do. 

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to get out of your own way and allow those natural self corrections to happen so that you are living On-Purpose? 

The amazing Soul-FULL women who have the most success working with me:

  • have success in the traditional sense: career, title, money, family, friends, home, etc., yet, when being honest, feel unfulfilled.
  • have lost sight of themselves, who they ARE and what they REALLY want along the way
  • want to find their Purpose, and make their YOU-nique difference for a better world
  • want to make the most of their next precious Chapter on their terms, with no regrets
  • don’t know where or how to start to find their next steps
  • are ready, willing, and resourced to:
      • dive deep into their shit, releasing and clearing out what’s holding them back,
      • reconnect with, and BE, who they TRULY ARE,
      • live the life their Soul intends.

Regardless of how we decide to work together (I use various client-centered ways), the basics are the same:  wholistically helping you:  assess and clarify where you are and where you may want to be; relax deeply and open to new possibilities and potentials; release and unwind tension and limiting bodymindset patterns so your nervous system can relax and re-set; connect with the subtle YOU-nique ways your Soul is guiding you in all choices; and create healthier, happier, Purpose-FULL new ways of  thinking, doing, an BEING.   

This frees you to know, and confidently take, your next steps in making your YOU-nique difference, On-Purpose and continue making aligned choices beyond our work together.  While being…. Less stressed.  More joyful.

Where to Start:

Sync with Your Soul™️ Guided Session

You’ve decided you can’t go on as-is. It’s time for a change.

First, you need to get out of your own way, and create a foundation for growth and change.  That begins with getting in touch with what’s holding you back, waiting to be transformed and embraced for the gifts and strengths within; seeing what may be possible; and beginning to dream and explore what you may want. 

You’re in the right place, and it’s time.

Your Sync with Your Soul Guided Session helps you connect with  your YOU-nique, built-in, 24/7 guidance to letting go of what no longer works for you, and embracing what does.  It encompasses the beginning steps of my Sync with Your Soul Coaching Program (below), and if you choose to engage in coaching, you’ve got a jumpstart (all credited toward your investment).

Reveal your natural next steps to a fulfilling life On-Purpose, making your YOU-nique difference. Choices. Decisions. Step-by-Step changes.

The life your Soul knows you were born to live is waiting for you. Isn’t it time to embrace it?

Going Deeper – 3 Soul-FULL Possibilities:

You’re committed to optimally living your Purpose with heart, intention, and Soul-FULLY making your YOU-nique difference in the world.

 Clarify, and take, your next steps to making your YOU-nique difference in the world.
BE YOU. On-Purpose.  Fulfilled. No regrets. 

A Sync with Your Soul Coaching Program is an organic, client-centered approach to: relaxing deeply; unwinding limiting bodymindset patterns to resolve, and free you from what’s holding you back; re-connecting with your TRUE self, thru your Inner Wisdom, to know who you ARE, what you REALLY WANT, and take your next steps.

This may be a dynamic resource for you if:

 you’re stuck, and don’t know your next steps.
♥ you’re committed to lasting change, don’t need counseling, but can’t do it alone
♥ your friends are supportive but can’t get you over the hump
♥ you desire to live the life you’re born to live but you aren’t even sure what that is

Sync with Your Soul Coaching Program  helps you align and embody your energy (who you’re BEING) and actions (DOING) mind-body-Soul-Purpose to:

  • align with your natural rhythms of growth and expansion
  • attract your desires into your life,
  • make the best choices for you and
  • create a life that’s a fulfilling perfect fit
Sync With Your Soul™️ Well-Being Program

 A blended, wholistic approach for deep, lasting change, wellbeing, peace and Purpose.

Sync-with-Your-Soul Well-Being Program can provide optimal results.

This custom combination of a Sync with Your Soul Coaching Program paired synergistically with craniosacral therapy (virtual or in-person) supports optimal wholistic change in body, mind, and spirit.  This is my deepest, most comprehensive program.

It helps you:

  • move more quickly through hidden resistance,
  • unwind stubborn limiting bodymindset patterns (hint: beliefs are anchored in your physiology as “viral” programs of organ/glandular/tissue responses, and tissue restrictions),
  • gain clarity and insight, connecting the dots between what is going on in your life and body

Are you ready for a wholistic, multi-faceted approach to  streamline your journey to well-being?

Relax, refresh, reconnect with “YOU”

Personal private intensive/retreat options are available in-person for a half or full day. These options will help you unplug from your cares, ground yourself, find alignment and balance, and practice much needed self-care. Use them:

  • as jump-start,
  • to get over a hump during one of the other programs
  • as an option for someone as a stand-alone/alternative gateway program

The Inn at Stone Mill is conveniently located in the same building and is the perfect spot for attendees to spend the night before and after their retreat. If you’re already coming to The Inn at Stone Mill as a guest or guest-companion, these retreats will be a relaxing complement for your stay!


I had just survived a miserable cold, gray, sad winter and was looking for a lifeline!  I had recently moved upstate to a sleepy very small town, recently retired from a career where I had traveled the world, and was fairly recently remarried after 25 years on my own. 

I needed help in designing the rest of my new life!  The exercises, questions, guided meditations were excellent and effective. It was very well thought out and implemented.

Kelly’s gentle and expert guidance (assisted by the arrival of summer sun) helped me to get out of the doldrums and in touch with what was important to me.

I would definitely recommend working with Kelly.  It will be work – useful, necessary and effective. It is worth the commitment to yourself to do the work that Kelly offers.  It can be life-changing.”


I don’t think most people think they need or can use this process, or how very individualized & personalized it is.  It’s like a multi-vitamin for your soul.  My inner self is so much healthier, and resilient.

Sure, you can read a book or look things up on-line, but for real, dramatic, and human development it takes another human being to help you find your way.  I may never reach the end of my journey but I have the confidence that I’m going in the right direction (for me).  That’s how you helped me.”

A. Dulak

Dissatisfaction.  Lack of fulfillment.  Stress.

All are signs that you’re not optimally BEING who you TRULY ARE in the world. 

What does this mean? There’s a natural flow of energy seeking to express as YOU in the world. Your YOU-nique design and Purpose, as the natural flow of life and unconditional Love from Source.  Essentially, these feelings of dissatisfaction, lack of fulfillment, and/or stress are a form of resistance to that natural flow of energy.  It’s time to do a deep dive, tweak some things, and align Mind-Body-Soul-Purpose to bust you out of the box you’re in and be limitless YOU.

Are you ready, willing, and able, to commit to making your YOU-nique difference in the world, On-Purpose?

You’ve come to the right place.

It’s time to Sync with Your Soul™️.

As your personal, professional cheerleader and guide, here are the possibilites when we work together on your natural, organic journey:

♥ Wholistically assess your situation, set your intentions, envision the possibilities

♥ Discover, embrace, and use the gifts within your shadows and challenges – those pearls of wisdom in silver linings

♥ Clarify who you ARE and what you REALLY WANT – your Vision, Mission, and Purpose

♥ Organically bring to life what’s naturally trying to express as YOU, through YOU mind, body, and spirit

♥ Embody your YOU-nique fullest SELF-expression, bodymindset, and skills to make your YOU-niqe difference in the world – BE THE CHANGE, AND THE PERSON TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU WERE BORN TO LIVE

♥ Learn to unwind and release limiting beliefs and patterns from their energetic origins through their bodyminset anchors to gently, naturally shift from “stuck, stressed, dissatisfied”, into “relaxed, renewed, and fulfilled”

♥ Gain clarity, insight, perspective, and direction to confidently know and take your next steps and create a custom Life On-Purpose Plan

♥ Awaken from a great night’s sleep feeling limitless, ON-Purpose, and aligned mind-body-Soul-Purpose with the energy to do the things that matter to you

♥ Resource you for self-reliant, on-going clarity, energy, joy, and peace.

It IS possible to know yourself more deeply, be yourself more fully, and use your gifts and talents make your YOU-nique difference in the world.

Wouldn’t you like to live that life, On-Purpose, guilt-free, feeling great, fulfilled, and peaceful? No regrets. You deserve it.  You CAN do it.

It’s time to turn your attention inward and focus on YOU.


You have an internal guidance system that’s always showing you the way to the life you want.  You just need to learn, as I once did, how to look within yourself for answers, interpret and follow your internal guidance system that’s always showing you the way to the life you desire and were born to live. I.e. tune in to, and TRUST, the wisdom of your bodymind.

I can help you learn to tune in to, trust, and follow, your Inner Wisdom to energy, joy, peace, fulfillment and Purpose. The life your heart knows you were born to live.

    And, you’ll create that life by following your built-in Inner Wisdom to make choices and create a plan that’s right for you.  One. Step. At. A. Time.

    Are you ready to talk? If a sacred “YESSS!!!”,   

    click here and apply for a complimentary Get Acquainted Session today to discuss your needs, and see how we can make the most of all you already have going well for you. It’s time to Be YOU!

    When I first began working with Kelly I was stressed, feeling stuck in a rut, and seeking more balance in my days.  I wanted to feel more “put together”, to have more control over the projects that were forever being put on hold.  I wanted a calmer, more balanced and productive life.  

    As a result of working with Kelly, I now experience less guilt for “me time”, feel more balanced and less stressed.  I noticed changes almost the first week or two, but have needed to be diligent in not slipping back into old patterns.  What was most notable about our work together was that my feelings were ok and acceptable.  Her cheering me on was a pleasant surprise.

    I have continued to work with Kelly because I still feel the need for reinforcement to continue the change.

    I tell anyone considering working with Kelly to “Go for it!” For me there could be no better person who is as patient as Kelly.”


    It is the intangibles that are difficult to describe. I know the massages are healing. She senses when I am ready to stop talking and focus inward. My mind travels and I have discovered details for my writing during many sessions. I’ve continued to work with Kelly once a month because my well-being is enhanced by her touch, her calming sensitivity, and quiet sense of humor. She understands the importance of the writing retreats that I attend and provides a safe, quiet, atmosphere that is a kind of meditation.

    Kelly also helped my daughter relieve head and neck pain after suffering several concussions. If I recommended her for my daughter, I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for physical relief and for improving their well being even if I can’t be more specific about why I’m there once a month treating myself to what I know is good for me.”