Relax Deeply. Refresh. Reconnect. Synch with Your Soul…

I help mature, Soul-FULL professional women Sync with their Soul to make their YOU-nique difference in the world, ON-Purpose, with NO regrets in various client-centered ways.

I deeply and whole-heartedly believe that each of us has a YOU-nique Purpose, and we are designed to live that Purpose.  When living aligned with our YOU-nique design, we stress less, enjoy more, and we make our YOU-nique difference in the world, in All That Is. The world needs us to do that more than ever now.

Have you been living your “shoulds” and “musts”?  Are you not completely happy at work? If so, you’re not living in alignment with your Purpose, Mind-Body-Soul.  Thus, you’re not fully contributing as you are designed to do.  You’re less efficient, more stressed, and unfulfilled.  You instinctively know something is “off” but can’t put your finger on it.

I can help you sort through it all organically, to find, and take, your next steps to making your YOU-nique difference in the world.

The amazing Soul-FULL women who have the most success working with me:

  • have success in the traditional sense: career, title, money, family, friends, home, etc.
  • have lost sight of who they ARE and what they REALLY want along the way
  • have reached the point where their career is no longer a fulfilling good fit,
  • want to find their Purpose, and make their YOU-nique difference for a better world,
  • want to live on their terms, making the most of their next precious Chapter with no regrets
  • don’t know where or how to start to find their next steps
  • are ready, willing, and resourced to:
    • dive deep into their shit, releasing and clearing out what’s holding them back,
    • reconnect with, and BE, who they TRULY ARE,
    • live the life their Soul intends.

Regardless of how we decide to work together, the basics are the same:  wholistically helping you relax deeply; release and unwind tension and limitations so your nervous system can relax and re-set; and creating healthier, happier new ways of BEING.   This frees you to know and take your next steps in making your YOU-nique difference, On-Purpose. 

Clarify, and take, your next steps to making your YOU-nique difference in the world.
On-Purpose.  No regrets.  Fulfilled.

A Transformational Life Coaching Program is an organic, client-centered approach to: relaxing deeply; resolving what’s holding you back; re-connecting with your TRUE self, thru your Inner Wisdom, to know who you ARE, what you REALLY WANT, and take your next steps.

This may be a dynamic resource for you if:

 you’re stuck, and don’t know your next steps.
♥ you’re committed to lasting change, don’t need counseling, but can’t do it alone
♥ your friends are supportive but can’t get you over the hump
♥ you desire to live the life you’re born to live but you aren’t even sure what that is

Transformational Life Coaching  helps you align your energy (who you’re BEING) and actions (DOING) mind-body-Soul-Purpose to:

  • align with your natural rhythms of growth and expansion
  • attract your desires into your life,
  • make the best choices for you and
  • create a life that’s a fulfilling perfect fit

Relax deeply with light touch for more clarity, focus, energy, ease and peace.
Release even long-held limiting patterns of discomfort and tension.

Craniosacral Therapy, a light touch bodywork (in person) that facilitates deep relaxation and self-correction, may be a great resource for you.

It wholistically addresses all aspects of YOU with your physical aspect as a primary access point into what’s going on for you.

The beauty of it? It optimizes your own natural ability to self-correct to release even long-held tension in your body, and get to the roots of your challenges.  Thus, your nervous system re-sets to a healthier “normal” balance, with less stress and more “rest/enjoy”.

When you nervous system is in balance, you have more energy flowing and available to BE YOU, live ON-Purpose, and your YOU-nique difference in the world.


A blended, wholistic approach for deep, lasting change, wellbeing, peace and Purpose.

Sync-with-Your-Soul Well-Being Program can provide optimal results.

This custom combination of transformational coaching paired synergistically with craniosacral therapy supports optimal wholistic change in body, mind, and spirit.

It helps you:

  • move more quickly through hidden resistance,
  • unwind stubborn limiting patterns and beliefs,
  • gain clarity and insight, connecting the dots between what is going on in your life and body

A wholistic, multi-faceted approach can streamline your journey to well-being.



Dissatisfaction.  Lack of fulfillment.  Stress.

All are signs that you’re not optimally BEING who you TRULY ARE in the world. 

What does this mean? There’s a natural flow of energy seeking to express as YOU in the world. Your YOU-nique design and Purpose, as the natural flow of life and unconditional Love from Source.  Essentially, these feelings of dissatisfaction, lack of fulfillment, and/or stress are a form of resistance to that natural flow of energy.  It’s time to do a deep dive, tweak some things, and align Mind-Body-Soul-Purpose to bust you out of the box you’re in and be limitless YOU.

Are you ready, willing, and able, to commit to making your YOU-nique difference in the world, On-Purpose?

You’ve come to the right place.

It’s time to Synch with Your Soul.

As your personal, professional cheerleader and guide, here are the possibilites when we work together on your natural, organic journey:

♥ Assess your situation, set your intentions, envision the possibilities

♥ Discover, embrace, and use the gifts within your challenges – pearls of wisdom with silver linings

♥ Discover who you ARE and what you REALLY WANT

♥ Embody your YOU-nique fullest SELF-expression, bodymindset, and skills to make your YOU-niqe difference in the world 

♥ Help you gently, naturally shift from “stuck, stressed, dissatisfied”, into “relaxed, renewed, and fulfilled”

♥ Gain clarity, insight, perspective, and direction to confidently know and take your next steps

♥ Feel great and have the energy to do the things that matter to you

♥ Awaken from a great night’s sleep feeling limitless, ON-Purpose, and aligned mind-body-Soul-Purpose

♥ Resource you for self-reliant, on-going clarity, energy, joy, and peace.

It IS possible to know yourself more deeply, be yourself more fully, and use your gifts and talents make your YOU-nique difference in the world. Wouldn’t you like to live that life, On-Purpose, guilt-free, feeling great, fulfilled, and peaceful? No regrets. You deserve it.

It’s time to turn your attention inward and focus on YOU.

How? You have an internal guidance system that’s always showing you the way to the life you want.  You just need to learn, as I once did, how to look within yourself for answers, interpret and follow that guidance. I.e. tune in the wisdom of your bodymind. I can help you learn to tune in to, and follow, your Inner Wisdom to energy, joy, peace, fulfillment and Purpose. The life your heart knows you were born to live.

How my approach is YOU-nique:

My wholistic approach organically supports bringing to life what’s naturally trying to express as you, through you, in mind, body, and spirit –  the life your heart knows you were born to live.  Embodiment. At your rate.  In your way.   From inside out.

You’ll clarify what you want, identify your Purpose, and LIVE it.  You’ll have tools and resources you can use for life, beyond our work together.  And, you’ll feel great as you release the guilt from focusing on “YOU”, and resolve your stress! You’ll learn to set aside the “noise” of outside influences,  previous programming that’s holding you back, and your “shoulds” and “musts”,  as you develop the ability to become deeply quiet and re-connect to your Inner Wisdom. That’s built-in guidance that’s always with you guiding you to your Highest options. Then, you can gain the clarity you need, and BECOME the person you need to be to Live the life you desire.

And, you’ll create that life by following your built-in Inner Wisdom to make choices and create a plan that’s right for you.  One. Step. At. A. Time.

Are you ready to talk? If a sacred “YESSS!!!”,   click here and apply for a complimentary Self-Discovery Session today to discuss your needs, and see how we can make the most of all you already have going well for you. It’s time to Be YOU!

Or, read on if you need more information….

Starter options to consider:

Relax, Refresh, Reconnect…


Relax, refresh, reconnect with “YOU”.
Leave with a personalized self-care system.

Craniosacral Therapy  & Transformational Life Coaching custom-blended for YOU.

Transformational Life Coaching takes the relaxation and nervous system re-set of craniosacral therapy to the next level.  It’s a powerful, holistic way of helping you align with your natural rhythms of growth and expansion.  It helps you engage with your innate guidance to naturally optimize your mindset (who you are BEING) to attract your desires into your life, as well as to choose which actions to take (what you are DOING).  Your Transformational Coach is a skilled professional who holds the space supporting you as you clarify and manifest your desires.

“Synch with Your Soul” Day Retreat

Jumpstart your journey.

Clear your mind.  Re-ignite your inspiration.

Align mind-body-Soul On-Purpose.

Learn skills to manifest your Vision for your Next Chapter.

A YOU-niquely designed day blending both  Transformational Coaching & Craniosacral Therapy  principles to create an more amazing experience with powerful results.  By phone or in person. 

Are you committed and ready to make lasting changes in yourself and your life, but finding it difficult to get started?  Needing some support to get focused, get out of your way, and get started on being your best in your Next Chapter? 

This day will jump-start your journey, and you’ll leave knowing your next steps. 

Relax Deeply. De-Stress. Ground. Center.

More clarity, focus, energy, ease, and peace with light touch.

A Custom Craniosacral Therapy session is light touch bodywork in person that facilitates relaxation and self-correction through relaxing, balancing, and nurturing your nervous system. Your nervous system re-sets to a healthier “normal” balance between stressed/survival and rest/enjoy modes.

If done as a virtual session by phone, I help you tune into this system and deepen your self-healing abilities. 

A great way to set your cares aside for an hour of holistically addressing all aspects of YOU with light touch body work.


The next step?  Click here and apply for a complimentary Self-Discovery Session today to discuss your needs, and see how we can make the most of all you already have going well for you. It’s time to Be YOU!

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