Not At Your Best?

Relax deeply with the light touch of Craniosacral Therapy for more clarity, focus, energy, ease, and peace.

reaTired of chasing symptoms and being stressed?  Want to get at the root of your challenges, for lasting change?

Release even long-held limiting patterns of discomfort and tension.

Help your body do what its already instinctively trying to do – Be YOU!

Naturally you want to end your discomfort and pain.  You may really want it “fixed”, i.e. you want a professional to DO something to eliminate the discomfort, pain, “issue”.  

This is not a “fix it” approach focusing on specific diagnoses or issues. 

My approach goes deeper, and acknowledges that health and life challenges are messages from your Soul that “SOMETHING” needs your attention. 

“SOMETHING” = the energy that is YOU, your TRUE Self, isn’t expressing in optimal alignment with the Blueprint for you and your life.  My approach supports your innate self-correcting wisdom in doing what it is designed to do: resolving what’s challenging you and getting you back on track with YOU, with your energy flowing optimally aligned with your YOU-nique Blueprint. 

We typically have been raised to think in medical terms of diagnoses. And, it can be mind-boggling to comprehend that one approach can “help with” a myriad of health issues that appear to be VERY different (e.g. headaches, low energy, uneasiness, tension, back and neck pain, etc.). 

But, the truth is that your Inner Wisdom has access to ALL the information needed, and all the resources needed to self-correct, and realign with your Soul’s innate design for this life.  It has been overwhelmed, and/or your thinking mind has interfered (with good intentions) trying to implement a solution. 

Let’s help you relax deeply, take distractions off the table, unwind limiting bodymindset patterns, listen to your Soul’s innate intuitive guidance, and get out of the way of your Inner Wisdom aligning you with your Blueprint for health and life. 

That doesn’t mean that your situation doesn’t also need medical or psychiatric support, and isn’t a substitute for such.  But, when you resource your innate self-corrective mechanisms, it is easier to know what additional support you may need (if any), and those can be more effective.  

This approach is ideal for you if you desire to work naturally with, and optimize, your self healing, self correcting potential, from the inside out vs. an agenda imposed from the outside.

Craniosacral Therapy, a light touch bodywork that facilitates deep relaxation and self-correction, wholistically addresses all aspects of YOU with your physical aspect as a primary access point into what’s going on for you.

The beauty of it? It optimizes your own natural ability to self-correct to release even long-held tension in your body, and get to the roots of your challenges.  This gentle, light-touch bodywork helps you relax deeply so your overworked nervous system re-sets to a healthier “normal” balance, with less stress and more “rest/enjoy”.  Quality of life and fulfillment can them become priorities as you shift from “survive” to “thrive”.

When your nervous system is in balance, you have more energy flowing and available to BE YOU, live ON-Purpose, and make your YOU-nique difference in the world.

It works with your innate self corrective systems using light holds (not the stroking and kneading of massage – so it has few precautions).  It can be easily done fully clothed.  It helps release even long-held patterns of tension in layers, like peeling an onion, so that your system isn’t again overwhelmed, and you get to the core of your issues – your “pearl”, or silver lining.

Unfinished business can be re-visited, and addressed by releasing obsolete patterns of stress, pain, and tension.  New patterns of health and well-being can be created in body, mind, and spirit as your nervous system is supported in doing what it is designed to do – Be YOU!.

Its about BEING better, not just feeling better.  Sound good?

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If you prefer, you may schedule a phone session with a focus on supporting your self-healing capacity and deep relaxation.  These sessions draw from my training, experience, tools, resources, and background to support clients in resourcing themselves in their own wellness and manifesting their Vision for the life they were born to live. A review of all of my potential services can help you better know me and the possibilities.  

Client experiences vary from profound relaxation, to feeling better on all levels, to insights, clarity, greater self trust, and self-assured next steps.  Please contact me to discuss how I may support you through this challenging opportunity for a new start for all of us. We’ve got this. Talk to you soon! Love and Peace, Kelly     315-868-1722