Want to resolve mid-life stress naturally at the source for more energy, joy, and Peace?

Discover the most common mis-conception around the causes of stress, and empower yourself to achieve lasting results… naturally!!!!

♥ Learn how your health can be in jeopardy even if symptoms of stress are “gone”

♥ Discover what stress and “getting old” REALLY are

♥ Learn how to empower yourself to tune in to the innate wisdom of your mind/body to discover the true causes of your stress, resolve its symptoms, and use your body as a guide to making decisions that are best for you for more… Energy. Joy. Peace.





Could this be you……?

I once was dealing with symptoms of stress, without even realizing they were stress-related. How could that be? In part, it was because of my definition of “stress”…….

I was happy and loved my life.  But, I had various work-related physical symptoms which were not relieved, let alone resolved, with conventional medical treatment, nor with ergonomic intervention (and I was the loss prevention ergonomics specialist in in the office!).  I was mystified, and a scared.

Eventually, I discovered what “stress” really is (and manifested a new career!), and I learned:

♦ how stress was affecting my health and quality of life because my past had not passed…….

♦ what a diagnosis really is (hint: it doesn’t tell you the cause…..)

ABOVE ALL, how to open the innate wisdom centers of my mind/body naturally to receive their guidance toward the life and health I didn’t realize I was longing for ……. synching with my Soul’s intentions for this lifetime.  Energy. Joy. Peace. On-Purpose.


From happy fans:

“Kelly is great at helping you to focus on your body and how it all connects to the world and experiences around you.  It can be challenging, but she helps guide you through safely so you can draw connections back to how those may be affecting your body today.”- Laura Powers

“Before working with Kelly at a workshop, I felt like I woke up every morning feeling unsure and in a rut.  She taught me to listen to my body and try to figure out the problem.  Definitely would recommend Kelly.” – Kirsten Nash

“I have been in personal coaching with Kelly as the facilitator, and today’s work helped to deepen my understanding of mind/thoughts and the affect on my body. ” – Trudy Ortlieb


Ready to resolve your stress at the root naturally, like I did?