Starter Options & Retreats:

Regardless of how we decide to work together, the basics are the same:  wholistically helping you relax deeply; release and unwind tension and limitations so your nervous system can relax and re-set; and creating healthier, happier new ways of BEING.   This frees you to know and take your next steps in making your YOU-nique difference, On-Purpose. 

Relax, Refresh, Reconnect…


Relax, refresh, reconnect with “YOU”.
Leave with a personalized self-care system.

Craniosacral Therapy  & Transformational Life Coaching custom-blended for YOU.

Transformational Life Coaching takes the relaxation and nervous system re-set of craniosacral therapy to the next level.  It’s a powerful, holistic blend helping you align with your natural rhythms of growth and expansion.  It helps you engage with your innate guidance to naturally optimize your mindset (who you are BEING) to attract your desires into your life, as well as to choose which actions to take (what you are DOING).  Your Transformational Coach is a skilled professional who holds the space supporting you as you clarify and manifest your desires.

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“Synch with Your Soul” Day Retreat

Jumpstart your journey.

Clear your mind.  Re-ignite your inspiration.

Align mind-body-Soul On-Purpose.

Learn skills to manifest your Vision for your Next Chapter.

A YOU-niquely designed day blending both  Transformational Coaching & Craniosacral Therapy  principles to create an more amazing experience with powerful results.  By phone or in person. 

Are you committed and ready to make lasting changes in yourself and your life, but finding it difficult to get started?  Needing some support to get focused, get out of your way, and get started on being your best in your Next Chapter? 

This day will jump-start your journey, and you’ll leave knowing your next steps. 

Interested in more information?  EMAIL KELLY today, and inquire.  We’ll design the all details of your special retreat day together. 

Relax Deeply. De-Stress. Ground. Center.

More clarity, focus, energy, ease, and peace with light touch.

A Custom Craniosacral Therapy session is light touch bodywork in person that facilitates relaxation and self-correction through relaxing, balancing, and nurturing your nervous system. Your nervous system re-sets to a healthier “normal” balance between stressed/survival and rest/enjoy modes.

If done as a virtual session by phone, I help you tune into this system and deepen your self-healing abilities. 

A great way to set your cares aside for an hour of holistically addressing all aspects of YOU with light touch body work.

To schedule your appoinment, contact Kelly today.