Sync with Your Soul Coaching – Is It Right for You?

As your trained, objective, professional Sync with Your Soul transformational coach, I help you navigate the process of making change.

When do you need a coach?  When:

  • you can’t break the “lather, rinse, repeat” cycle on your own, and
  • your well-meaning awesome friends aren’t quite the support you need to help you make, and stay the course through the changes you desire, and
  • you’re healthy and well-adjusted so therapy isn’t the solution, either

A professional transformational coach can help you discover what you really want, BE the YOU you need to be to create it, and take your next steps.

I can help you be the best YOU, serving as your cheerleader, support partner, and holding the space while guiding you organically to follow your innate guidance to create and live the life your heart knows you were born to live.

I’ve navigated much change both on my own, and with professional coaching. 

I once was in a corporate job that was no longer a fit, but didn’t realize my Soul was guiding me toward something bigger: knowing and living my Purpose.  I didn’t recognize the signs and signals of that guidance for what they were at the time.  Once I let go, and allowed my Inner Wisdom to guide the process, those signs and signals (physical signs of stress and repetitive stress injury) released the awareness I needed: it was time to listen to those whispers for more.  My Inner Wisdom also paved the way for me to know and follow my next steps. 

I’ve harnessed that process in my own special recipe of training, education, personal and professional experience, focusing on the essentials of what’s needed to help you manifest the life you secretly want, but don’t yet know how to create.   

Sync with Your Soul Transformational Life Coaching helps you not only act differently (following through on your plan), but gives you skills and tools to think and BE differently (the energy and beliefs providing momentum for authentic, lasting fulfillment), on your own… for Life.

Working together we’ll help you not only define your Purpose, but create a life based upon it, and give you skills and tools to continue on your own beyond our work together.  The best part? You’ll also feel great and be less stressed!

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Sync with Your Soul Coaching

Is this you?

  • You’re looking for help clarifying:

  what you want

   how to transform the nagging negative voices and limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  your next steps to the clarity, energy, meaning, and Purpose you desire.

  • You don’t need therapy, yet you can’t find your way alone.
  • The stress of feeling unfulfilled and stuck is beginning to affect your energy, health, and vitality, too.

Would you love a holistic, natural solution in which you:

 learn to relax deeply with some healthy distance between you and your challenges?

 get the clarity and perspective you need?

  make the most of your strengths, and transform your challenges?

  clarify “YOU” – who you are, what you want, and what to do next?

  create and live your YOU-nique plan for the life you desire?

 benefit from a professional, objective partner to support and guide you with tools and life skills for manifesting the life you choose for yourself ?

How Does Sync with Your Soul Coaching Work?

It ultimately helps you more optimally express aligned with the Divine Blueprint for YOU and your Life.  The same Intelligence that formed you according to that blueprint in the womb, is still at work. You have everything you need within you to become the optimal expression of that blueprint, and your Soul is trying to keep you on-track.

Your central nervous system acts like a “Project Manager” in implementing that blueprint.  It compares the “results” with the Blueprint, and makes adjustments accordingly.  Thus, it’s important that your central nervous system is working well, so every other system does, too.

How do you get off-track? As a natural part of BEING Human, we “learn” how to “BE”.  When “being” how we’ve learned to be conflicts with how we’re designed to BE, we experience stress.  This is the essential nature of limiting beliefs.

But, limiting beliefs aren’t simply “mental”.   I call them limiting  “bodymindset patterns” because they’re anchored in our physiology as tissue restriction linked with programmed patterns of glandular and organ responses.  Like viral computer programs.

Your subconscious mind’s job is survival – keeping you alive, as it’s done so so far.  It perceives change as a threat, and can thwart even your best attempts to change.  

Your innate self-corrective intelligence, when properly resourced and supported, will get you back on track.  It’s trying to get your attention to do that, whether you’re aware of it or not.  You may not even realize how limited you’ve become.  You may be surviving, not thriving.

Sync with Your Soul transformational coaching helps you naturally get back on track with the Divine Blueprint for you and your life.

By getting out of your own way, beyond the limits of your rational, thinking mind, and in contact with your innate wise all-knowing Higher Self (aka Inner Wisdom, Soul, Superconscious Self), you can begin to unwind limiting bodymindset patterns, and free yourself to thrive again.  As you free yourself of limiting bodymindset patterns, you more easily sense your Soul’s guidance to living the life it knows you were born to live, and make choices that are correct for you, including your “What’s Next for ME?” steps to living On-Purpose.

What Do You Actually DO? 

Sync with Your Soul transformational coaching is a non-linear, organic, client-centered process.

We begin with:

    • self- assessment – where you are, where you may want to be, what may be working for and against you.
    • basic Human Design analysis to  better understand your nature.
    • guided relaxation processes  incorporating elements of meditation and imagery to form a foundation for our work together, help you increase your self awareness, and enhance your sensitivity.
    • thru guidance, self inquiriy,  and exploring limiting bodymindset patterns as the present, you’ll enhance your connection with your Soul’s innate intuitive guidance.

Typically, clients naturally begin to experience an awareness of how they are limited, which may express as resistance, or ah-ha moments.  Their commitment to working together, and walking through what’s holding them back is essential for achieving the results they desire.  This is why I’m selective about whom I coach.  It’s important that we have a relationship built upon mutual respect, trust, and commitment.

Going deeper:

    • you’ll unwind limiting bodymindset patterns as they organically appear,
    • you’ll explore in more depth who you ARE: values, gifts, traits, talents, shadows, challenges, Vision, Mission, and Purpose,
    • your vibrational energy signature will be aligning with your Divine Design – which  naturally supports you in living the life your Soul knows you were born to live.

You’ll gain experience with:

    • your Soul’s innate intuitive guidance.
    • connecting the dots between what’s happening in your mind, body, and life.  (Stress responses aren’t random – dis-ease and disease happen how/where they do because of how our systems inherently problem-solve. HINT: this is at the core of evolution.  And, when your Soul no longer needs to use loud guidance to get your attention, your dis-ease may well resolve).
    • discerning your true guidance vs. limiting/conditioned fears and resistance, or “shiny objects” that really aren’t yours despite how attractive they may be.

Sound good?



What Clients Have Experienced:

“As a result of working with Kelly, I now experience less guilt for ‘me time’, feel more balanced and less stressed.”

“When I first began working with Kelly I was stressed, feeling stuck in a rut, and seeking more balance in my days.  I wanted to feel more “put together”, to have more control over the projects that were forever being put on hold.  I wanted a calmer, more balanced and productive life.

As a result of working with Kelly, I now experience less guilt for “me time”, feel more balanced and less stressed.  I noticed changes almost the first week or two. What was most notable about our work together was that my feelings were ok and acceptable.  Her cheering me on was a pleasant surprise.

I tell anyone considering working with Kelly to “Go for it!” For me there could be no better person who is as patient as Kelly.” – T.O., Age 70+

“The process allows you to express things you wouldn’t even have known to express – in a very nurturing, comfortable, healing way.

There are things that someone who’s considering this would never even know to express. But, the process allows you to do that in a very nurturing, comfortable, healing way. I don’t think you can get any more specific than that because everyone is so different it’s an experience everyone should have at some point in their life.

It’s life changing. It’s very life changing. And, it might not be something that someone would walk by someone on the street and say, ‘Oh – they went thru a life changing experience.’ It’s the inner life that changes. And, that’s the most dramatic.

I would not have that awareness before day 1 . I was hopeful for some help for some of the things I was thinking about, but this was so much more.

What changed in my inner life? My attitude, and the confidence I have in my decision-making. Not being in that panic mode when I am asked to do something or I look at the calendar and I see what’s coming up. Just the comfort I have with my life as I am living it and the way that I can direct it and put it in the direction that I want it to go in. The control that I have over almost everything in a very nice, good way; not a commanding sort of way, but a direction and a purpose and a confidence in what my life is about.

And, I think it affects everybody that I interact with.” – A.D.

You have to be ready for change, and embrace it. I hesitated about doing this work with Kelly because I was unsure of myself.

As a result of working with Kelly, I have peeled back layers of depression and grief, and am more aware of things around me.  I especially liked the relaxation exercises I did with her.  I have given myself confidence to keep working on myself physically and mentally.

I definitely recommend Kelly and her services if you are not needing a psychologist or a psychiatrist, just someone to help point you in the right direction.  If you don’t take the time and privacy to work the program, then don’t blame anybody but yourself.” A. H.

I fall asleep better because I am taking care of me.” Anonymous