Sync with Your Soul Purpose Transformational Coaching FAQ’s

What is Sync with Your Soul Purpose Transformational Coaching?

Let’s break this down into pieces.

Transformational coaching is very different from traditional life coaching.  Though “coaching” IS my credential, the term can be misleading or confusing.  I’m actually a guide, cheerleader, objective observer, deep listener, and space holder shining the light brightly on what you may need to see.

You know how it can get messy, confusing, overwhelming, challenging, albeit exhilarating and exciting, when you’re shedding those limiting layers of conditioning and beliefs to be more “YOU”?  And, you know how sometimes you don’t know what, if anything, to “do” next as you Remember and Reconnect with you you ARE and what you WANT?  And, then fear and resistance creep in as change begins to emerge as you’re finding your new comfort zone…..  Lather.  Rinse. Repeat.  Sound familiar?

As your Certified Transformational Coach, I am in your corner to help you find, navigate, and stay the course.  As a Light Heart-Minded professional, I can understand and support you in ways your awesome, well-intentioned friends and loved ones cannot.

What is “Sync with Your Soul Purpose”?

Everyone, including you, has a Purpose for which they are YOU-niquely designed.  Your Soul is here to experience that Purpose.

Your Soul (a.k.a. Higher Self, Inner Wisdom, and/or SuperConscious Self) is an all-knowing aspect of Source.  It knows what’s next and best for you in your life’s journe On-Purpose, and is guiding you through your intuition.  (Vs. your intellectual mind, which has a very different purpose, and whose programming keeps you limited by resisting “change”).  Sometimes your next steps are not logical or rational.

Intuition is a broad term for innate guidance.  WE ALL HAVE IT.   Your body and its senses are part of that guidance system, showing you through various responses when you are, and aren’t, aligned with your Blueprint.  “Stress” is a message from your Soul (which can be very brief and subtle) that the natural expression of your Soul Design isn’t optimally flowing.  The “dis-ease” message can become “disease” or illness when not heeded.  (Think of  “stress” as contraction, withdrawl, and/or “looping”, vs. “full flowing open expansive expression”).  Most people have either a gut feeling, a “Knowing”, a “Vision”, a “Voice”, a “Sense”, or other higher level senses guiding them (or now awakening).  Your Soul and other aspects of your non-conscious mind communicate with you in ways that are YOU-nique and meaningful to you, though there are some general commonalities.

When you live in sync with your Soul’s Divine Blueprint for YOU, expressing and experiencing its Purpose, you experience more natural flow, synchronicity, grace, ease, health, and meaning as you make the YOU-nique difference you are Designed to make in the WHOLE. This may, but may not, include things you’ve done by habit, logically or rationally, “normally or customarily”, and/or to satisfy expectations. By learning to recognize and understand the subtle, and not-so-subtle, messages from your Soul guiding your choices and decisions as you navigate your daily life, as well as your Journey, you can more fully Sync with Your Soul.

Part of the trick is creating more ease and flow, and less stress/tension in your system, while enhancing your self awareness so that you can distinguish between TRUE guidance, and fear based limits when making choices.

Putting it all together…..

Do you deeply desire to reconnect with who you ARE, what you WANT, get out of your own way, and naturally create the life you desire? And could you benefit from having some support through the process from someone who listens deeply, gets you, and can hold the space while providing tools for you to clearly navigate your journey?

If you answered, “YES!!!”, Sync with Your Soul Transformational Life Purpose Coaching may be a dynamic resource for you.

Sync with Your Soul Purpose Transformational Coaching is about allowing optimal expression of your Inner Light, your Soul’s Divine Blueprint for YOU, and synchronizing with the unfolding of that blueprint as you navigate your Life’s journey of choices and experiences.   As your Certified Transformational Coach, I act as a supportive guide and space holder.  Together we help you naturally sync with your innate Inner Wisdom to unwind the programmed and conditioned limits that inhibit full expression of your Inner Light.  As those limits unwind, your energy naturally expands and flows more optimally.  You gain new self awareness, understanding, perspective, and insights as you navigate your journey of self inquiry, introspection, personal growth, and evolution.

Your Inner Wisdom knows more than our human minds do about what you will benefit from most, when, why, and how.  I honor that, approaching each client, and each session, as agenda-free as humanly possible.

I connect with my Inner Wisdom, and invite you to share a bit about where you are currently, where you may wish to be, and/or what you may wish to change to frame the session.  You are invited to set an intention for the session (mine is always whatever is in your Highest Good that is within my scope of involvement and skill).  I connect with you intuitively, holding the question, “How can I best serve your Highest Good at this time?”.  I may listen to you, ask questions, invite you to explore or notice something, and/or guide you in meditation, guided imagery, or another process.  Typically clients experience a shift during, or soon following, a session which may be a change in their energy, a change in their physical body, and/or a change in their awareness. They reflect upon their experiences, and gain insights that are meaningful to them. They may receive a process to repeat as needed.  They may explore, introspect, and/or take inspired actions between sessions.

Transformational Life Coaching is a process facilitated by a deeply trained professional in which you:

  • Receive objective, compassionate guidance, cheerleading, supporting you through the muck, while maintaining momentum overall
  • Learn to relax deeply and get needed distance from your challenges
  • Gain perspective, insight, and clarity naturally
  • Resolve what’s holding you back
  • Enhance and celebrate your best qualities
  • Identify your values and set priorities
  • Optimize your mindset and personal energy for authentic lasting results – i.e. BE the change
  • Develop confidence in following your Intuition in creating the life you desire.

How is Transformational Life Coaching Different from Traditional Life Coaching?

Transformational Life Coaching is about:

  • allowing more of the Divine Essence Energy that is YOU to flow more freely and optimally, thus more fully expressing your Soul’s Divine Blueprint.
  • unwinding limiting energetic patterns (some call those “blocks”, and/or limiting beliefs) which inhibit full, optimal Expression of YOU.
  • knowing your innate intuitive guidance system, and allowing it to show you what’s next for you – your inspired “feels better” steps.

To create our ideal life, we must know ourselves deeply, and evolve from the inside out, thinking and believing as needed to create the reality we desire.

Transformational Life Coaching:

  • goes beyond the intellectual, rational “goals and accountability” (i.e. acting differently) approach of traditional life coaching.
  • is a deep dive into discovering “YOU”, becoming your best self, transforming old programming into new stories aligned with your Purpose that serve you well, looking inside yourself for your answers, and creating a life you look forward to living.
  • is growth, personal evolution and change from the inside out.

When you allow Life to unfold according to your Divine Blueprint, goal setting and decisions come via your intuition, not your head.  Brainstorming can be fun, and is part of the process when appropriate.

Traditional Life Coaching tends to focus on setting goals, and being held accountable.  It doesn’t typically get you in touch with your Inner Wisdom for choosing those goals, which can leave you making choices with the mind that got you where you are to begin with.  And, it doesn’t necessarily help you unwind and shift those limiting patterns that are keeping you stuck. That’s the difference in a nutshell.

What is the Difference Between Coaching and Therapy?

This is an important question.  I am a coach, not a mental health practitioner.  If you need mental health care, you should seek it from a qualified provider.  Life coaching is not a substitute for such care.


  • focuses on examining and diagnosing the past
  • provides mental health care/treatment.

Transformational Coaching:

  • focuses on your worth and potential – what IS working
  • helps you assess where you are, your current reality, and move forward toward the results and future your Heart desires
  • is solution-oriented, not problem-focused
  • provides common sense guidelines for self awareness and appreciation, with structure, and momentum for creating a life you love.

Your coach provides you with tools, resources, support, and may help brainstorm ideas.  Additionally, your coach provides a systematic approach to planning your future, guides you to making decisions for yourself, and helps you stay on track with what you say is important to you.

Will Sync with Your Soul Purpose Transformational Coaching Interfere with Your Current Religious or Spiritual Beliefs?

No. It is important that you choose to work with someone whose approach resonates with you, and if that isn’t me, no judgement.  That’s why I provide plenty of information to give you a sense of me and my approach, and I ask the same of you before we agree to work together.  It’s important that we are a match.

I  hold everyone’s spiritual beliefs in the highest regard. You have the power of choice to communicate those at any time.

Is Sync with Your Soul Purpose Transformational Coaching Right for You?

  1. Do you want something different, but don’t know what you REALLY want?
  2. Need help discovering, overcoming, and dissolving your blocks and obstacles to having it?
  3. Desire to know who you REALLY are – traits, gifts, strengths, passions that CAN serve you well?
  4. Desire ideas and strategies to actually create the changes you seek?
  5. Tend to procrastinate, get easily distracted, be bad knowing when to say “yes” and “no”?
  6. Need someone to support you and help you maintain momentum?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the above questions, this program may be a dynamic resource for you.

Are You Ready for Sync with Your Soul Purpose Transformational Coaching?

To be successful in this program, you must be ready, willing, able, well-resourced, and committed to doing what it takes to create the personal growth and changes you desire.  100%+.

Are you ready to try something new because what you’re doing now isn’t working?

Is your desire to create this change at a level 10+?

Are you ready to go deep?

Are you ready to be rigorously honest with yourself and your coach so you can gain the needed perspective to make wise choices?

If you answered, “Yes” to all of the above, you may be ready for this program.  We’ll further determine whether it’s right for us to work together through a complimentary Discovery Session.

Transformational Life Coaching is a process, which involves change.  Though change can be exciting and welcomed, it can feel daunting.  Just like when you create a new home for yourself, at some point its time to gather the tools and materials and begin.  You may experience highs, lows, and plateaus, but you stay focused on the beautiful end result awaiting you through the “demolition” and “rebuild” process.

Similarly, you may now feel it’s time to create some needed changes in yourself, and in your life.  As your Transformational Coach, I support you through all of the highs, lows, and plateaus in your process, keeping you focused and on-track. Learning the process and mastering the skill of “life transformation” provides you with tools and resources you can use again and again to cultivate a life of greater meaning and purpose. Ultimately you are in charge of the choices and changes you make.

If you’re facing or considering a change, but aren’t sure how/where to start, apply for a complimentary, no obligation, Discovery Session today to discuss how Transformational Life Coaching could help you.  Click here to apply.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! How much longer do you want things to be as they are?

Isn’t it time to say “YES” to you, to your Life?  YES!!