Sync with Your Soul Well-Being Program

Tired of living the same patterns of stress, tension, pain, procrastination, lack of direction, indecision? 

By the time we reach mid-life, we can be VERY “set in our ways”.  We may not even know how we got there, or when we learned how to live and think the way we do.  We just “DO”.

We get stressed when we:

  • live from a place of “shoulds”, “supposed-to’s”, “because its tradition/always been”, etc.
  • take on responsibilities that really aren’t “our business”.
  • don’t set healthy boundaries – saying “YES” and “NO” when best.
  • live from fear, vs. LOVE.

If you don’t BELIEVE that, this program will help you to KNOW it and course-correct for optimal well-being.

And, if you DO believe it, but can’t seem to change it on your own, this program will also help you stop the patterns that don’t work, and create new ones that do.

What if your health and life challenges don’t “go away” because they are messages to be heeded?  What if they are actually “messages”, pearls of wisdom, guiding you to align with your Soul’s Intention for this lifetime more fully aligned with your Purpose?  A Life where everything that happens begins to “make much more sense”, and further empowers you with joy, meaning, ease, balance, and peace.  A Life On-Purpose!!!!

A Sync With Your Soul Well-Being Program is designed to help you with just that.  We each are YOU-niquely designed with gifts, traits, talents, perspective, insights, and experience that qualify us fill a particular place in ALL that is, and serve a YOU-nique Purpose.  When you are not living optimally in alignment with that, your stress will show  in your body, AND in your life.

My signature Sync With Your Soul Well-Being Program combines the best of both worlds: addressing your challenges through your body, and thru your mind.  How you are feeling, and being. It includes:

1. Sync With Your Soul 5-Module Transformational Coaching Program – to address your life, your perspective, shifting your thinking and living to your Highest Options increasing grace, ease, joy, meaning.


2. Craniosacral Care – to address your stress as it is showing up in your body, releasing those non-serving patterns and creating new ones that support, align with, and embody, your Highest Options.

Why both?  Simple, yet profound, actually.  Your mind and body are different aspects of the same: YOU, your Being.  What exists in one, exists in the other.  If all of you is on-board, along for the ride – there is no part of you holding the other back.

All of my work addresses you as a whole being, yet when you intentionally, fully engage all aspects of yourself in creating your best new ways of being, more consistent, cohesive change can occur, potentially producing lasting results  more quickly.

This program will help you learn to recognize the Inner Wisdom built within you that is guiding you to live your YOU-nique Purpose, listening to those “pearls of wisdom” and following them to a Live On Purpose with greater ease, meaning, joy, balance, and peace.

I know.  I live it.  Others do as well.

The first step? Knowing you want a change and are willing to do whatever it takes to create it.

The next step? Taking any small meaningful action that resonates with you toward creating the life you REALLY want.

Start by committing to carving out some time for yourself – creating some “ME Time”.  If you really want change, you need to begin focusing on you.  Grab your fr*e copy of my eBook and get started today:
Creating TIme for Me!