Its Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, a time when we naturally feel inspired to clean and organize.

Usually, that cleaning takes place in our external worlds: home, car, office, etc.

What about your internal world?  Your internal mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual world can benefit from cleansing, too.  It gets clogged and dirty naturally despite your good intentions.  And, how often do you say “NO” to the garbage being dumped into it?

Some people choose to fast, and/or do a liver cleanse at this time.  That is a good start (and should only be done when working with a qualified healthcare provider).

Taking stock of your thoughts and feelings can be helpful as well.  This requires being aware, brutally honest, and courageous enough to “go there”.  It can be a rich, rewarding, life-changing experience if handled in a healthy, mature manner.

Modern estimates are that only 1-5% of our thoughts and brain activity are conscious.  That means 95-99% of what goes on in our minds and brains is non-conscious. (Remember, your brain does way more than just think).

Your conscious mind can create new thoughts and ideas.  It can think “out of the box”.

Your non-conscious mind is like a mega computer or database loaded with programmed behaviors.  In fact, most of what is in your non-conscious mind is programmed in by the age of 6.  It reacts automatically to situations with previously stored responses, and cannot move beyond its box.  It works without the input from you conscious mind.  And, it is controlling your life……

You can only “think so much” at one time, right?  Even great multi-taskers have a limit….  So, focusing your thoughts on something positive doesn’t mean the negative thoughts aren’t happening under the surface.

It is great to focus on the positives, what IS working in your life.  It helps you move forward from where you are to where you may want to be.

However, consistently ignoring what is eating away at you & boiling beneath the surface isn’t good either.  Even the tiny things can add up till, well, “BOOM!”.  Tears, rants, raves, tantrums, and yes, health issues.

That is why it is important to tend to the root causes of your behaviors with a willingness to face those difficult thoughts, their resulting feelings, and emotions head-on.  Don’t get so caught up in staying positive that you forget not all of  “you” is “there yet”.

I have become very aware of that myself recently.

I am a passionate person.  I feel fully, deeply, HUGELY when my buttons are pushed.

The last few years have been full of growth and change for me.  My capacity to handle it all has been pushed to the limit. I love and embrace all of it.  No regrets.  I’ve done my human best.

Despite that, I also felt my frustration level growing.  My limit was finally exceeded.  I blew.  It was like fireworks in my living room.  fireworks-574739_640

Venting is an understatement, as I am sure my poor husband would tell you.  (He tried to do the supportive spouse thing and console me, which was like trying to suppress a fireworks display by throwing your jacket on it).

No one was hurt.  Nothing was broken except for shattering any respectable image he may have had left of me. But, damn, did I feel great after.  Tired, but relieved.  And, the next day I felt more refreshed, energized, and creative than I have in months.

What I find is that in “THOSE” moments, I am better able to know my true thoughts that are really causing my feelings.  That gives me the insight I really need to address the issues at hand.   Without my filters, my non-conscious mind is free to speak and reveal the pearls of wisdom within.

And, sometimes, all that is needed is to vent that energy, with physical activity, verbalizing, or even crying.  Many times I have had clients say, “I am afraid if I start crying, I won’t stop.”   Have you known anyone who has literally cried to death? However, how many people do you know who have died from stress related illnesses?

What is building and eating away at you inside like a cancer?

We are like batteries with our feelings being constantly charged and discharged.  That energy naturally needs to move thru/out or the battery will eventually explode, or corrode.  Make sense?

girl-1250679_640Even more importantly, what I discovered is that there are still parts of my inner child who is feeling past denial and wounds.  She doesn’t give a hoot what the reasons were that she was denied or hurt.  She is just waiting to have her tantrum.  To be witnessed, and HEARD.

Living in the positives, having harvested the pearls, often by-passes letting her be heard.

She lives largely in my non-conscious world.  Giving her a chance to be heard through guided imagery and craniosacral therapy has helped tremendously.  I have been able to process and resolve even more of those old patterns freeing more body, mind, & spirit.  Cleansing my internal world – without the fireworks…….

What’s your inner child longing for?  What awaits cleaning within you?

Would love to hear from you!  Your thoughts and comments are welcome.

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I see your Light!  I see your Greatness!  Talk soon!  
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p.s. For those following the story, the last news I had was that Adrienne cow would be fitted with platform shoes to help accommodate the shift in her pelvis and make her comfortable as she goes forward in life.  Surgery would be the only other option, and it is very risky.  If the shoes worked, she was to go to her new forever home this last week.  I have not heard the outcome yet.