Stress is a Guide to Your Purpose

Stress is Your Friend

Stress IS part of the human experience, but do you recognize it as the valuable friend it is?

As I awakened to the fact that stress is a friend guiding me to my Purpose (not simply something to be eliminated, managed, or tolerated), a whole new world opened to me.  My life is richer and more meaningful as I follow this guidance. I’m healthy.  And, I’ve increasingly made my YOU-nique difference in the world as I’m designed to do.

Lightbulb Moments

I awakened to this new friend subtly over time, but there were some light bulb moments highlighting the experience.

One of those moments was realizing how empowering this gift is: using stress to keep me on track with my Purpose, thus improving my health and well-being as I was YOU-niquely designed to do. And, when I’m on-track with my Purpose, I don’t need that guidance. Thus, I don’t experience stress and the resulting dis-ease, and I’m healthier.

Another  of those lightbulb moments was realizing that I’m here to share this with others so that they, too, could open to the infinite possibilities and potentials awaiting them…  Just sayin’.

Living On-Purpose IS a Biological Process

As I shared in a previous post, “The Biology of Your Purpose”, your biology supports you living On-Purpose.  Living On-Purpose IS a biological process.  Your body is the vehicle you use to interact with the world and make your YOU-nique difference. Your body physically translates the blueprint for your life into being with its biological functions and processes. Keeping it running smoothly and optimally with an optimal flow of Life Force Energy is crucial to navigating your journey.

You experience stress when the flow of Life Force in and through you is imbalanced.  Life Force may be inhibited, or mis-directed in a way that isn’t serving you (and is likely draining).  And, imbalances in the flow of Life Force adversely affect your biological processes and functions. The nature of the imbalance determines the resulting signs and symptoms of stress, and you can decode them to help you see how to get back On-Purpose.

Your Inner Wisdom is at Work

When your limiting thoughts and beliefs (formed by your conditioning and programming) are running the show, you’re stressed. But, when your thoughts and beliefs are TRULY congruent with your design, you’re aligned mind-body-Soul-Purpose, Life Force is flowing optimally, and your biological processes and functions are optimal (refer to “The Biology of Your Purpose”).  You feel great, vital, empowered, alive, connected, joyful, at peace, aligned, etc. You’re living in Sync with Your Soul™️.

This is your Inner Wisdom showing you what IS and IS NOT working.  And, it shows you what needs your attention, and how.

Stress is a Message from Your Inner Wisdom

I help clients learn to use stress as the valuable message it is from their Inner Wisdom that they are off-track, or misaligned.  It’s a sign that their Inner Wisdom is coordinating an adaptation, modification, and/or course-correction to help them get back On-Purpose.  This useful, priceless information affects their entire experience of life.

I use this knowledge daily myself as I monitor what I’m feeling and experiencing.  I use it to make even mundane choices (what to eat, when to rest, how to

play, next steps in my business, etc.).  And, when I notice signs and signals of stress, I lean into it to decode its message for me and get back on track.  I sync with MY Soul.

Isn’t it reassuring to know that you have a friend with you 24/7 helping you navigate your life’s journey and live On-Purpose?

Are you stressed? What is your stress showing or telling you about your alignment with your Purpose?  You’re welcome to share below.