Feel like it’s time to make YOUR difference in the world?

But, have no idea how to get started?

Here’s your first step…

Keep reading to get out of your own way…..

I’ve been there, done it, and I’m excited to help you take your Soul-FULL next step toward living On-Purpose, too.

Picture of Kelly

Hello, I’m Kelly Myszkowski.  I know what it’s like to be successful in the conventional sense, yet still feel like something vital is missing.  Earning a living with a great job, home family, lifestyle, etc., just didn’t feel as fulfilling as I thought it…. should.

Living life up to a certain point ended up being as I was supposed to, conditioned to live it. Habitually. By default.

I was living with no connection to who I REALLY AM, and what I REALLY WANTED to do. No sense of Purpose. Stressed. Unfulfilled.

I was denying my Soul’s whispers that, “It’s time for a change. Something new. Exciting. Purpose-FULL, Soul-FULL.  My 9-5 job just isn’t doing it.  It feels like time to make MY difference in the world.”

I didn’t think that living On-Purpose was “me”. I thought that was for “special” (other) people. I certainly didn’t know where to begin. And, the thought of walking away from what I knew, and what was familiar, with no light at the end of my tunnel was downright scary.

Most certainly, quitting a good job to pursue your “Purpose” was just not what one did where I grew up.  What would people think?

Until I could no longer deny the increasing volume of those whispers…  I was experiencing physical symptoms and discomfort.  My body was actually showing me very specifically that it was time for a change.  I found that fascinating!!!

I learned a valuable, key lesson: I was so caught up in the stressful habit of daily life and earning a living that I missed the amazing, awesome, BEST guidance anyone could have to what’s next: my Inner Wisdom.  A built-in custom guidance system to living life On-Purpose, confidently knowing what’s next and BEST for me.

I missed it because I was in the stressful “GO and DO” mode of my intellectual, rational mind.  Soul-FULL, Purpose-FULL lives don’t come from that part of us.  Our Souls create and express who we ARE, and what we REALLY WANT, through  our creative mind, our hearts and bodies.

What was my first step in connecting with who I AM, and what I REALLY WANT next for me? Learning to shift my awareness from my conscious, intellectual, rational mind to my innate creativity and intuition.  That was the first step in:

  • letting go of the programming, shoulds, musts, and expectations
  • clearing my busy analytical mind
  • connecting with, and TRUSTING, my Inner Wisdom, and
  • allowing ME to naturally unfold and fully self-express creating a fulfilling reality in the world

Sync with Your Creative Soul-FULL Self 

Get out of your own way, connect with your creative side and find your next steps….

That’s why I created this very simple method, a guided self-coaching session, to help you take your first step to reconnect to the all-knowing guidance inside of you.  The wisest, most important source of information available to you……

Connecting with your Inner Wisdom is essential to helping you discern what’s next in your life, when to take action, and what action to take.

Stop second guessing, and sync with your Soul.

Here are the benefits to you and your life: 

  • Relax and get beneath your busy, analytical mind and sync with your Inner Wisdom and intuition
  • Free your creativity and begin daydreaming the potential and possibilities for your life
  • Get out of your own way and explore what’s possible that could bring you the utmost joy and fulfillment in your next chapter
  • You get customized guidance from me to support you in crafting what’s next for you and your life.  Not just a download and some worksheets.  Real support!

Sync with Your Creative Soul-FULL Self Journal & Recording

  1. You’ll get a downloadable recording from me with a meditation/inner journey and some questions.
  2. You answer the questions in an email back to me.
  3. You start recording your dreams, desires, and creativity in the beautiful bonus pdf journal you get from me.
  4. You receive feedback and guidance via email from me based on the questions you answered.
  5. You are learning how to connect to your inner guidance and listen to it for the wisdom it’s there to provide.

All of this for only $27! ($250 value).

Relax, get beneath your busy mind and sync with your Inner Wisdom to free your creativity and open to potential and possibilities for your life.

That’s a great start, but I’m ready to go deeper…..

Sync with Your Creative Soul-FULL Self sounds wonderful, but it’s not enough for you. You want to dive deeper into your Soul to find your Purpose. You want to deepen the relationship with your Soul, and your trust in its guidance in personal and professional decision-making through all circumstances.

If that’s the case, you want a Sync with Your Soul Guided Session. This takes Sync with Your Creative Soul-FULL Self to the next level and includes an individual coaching session with me, Kelly Myszkowski.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon! 

Love and Peace,