I don’t think most people think they need or can use this process, or how very individualized & personalized it is.  It’s like a multi-vitamin for your soul.  My inner self is so much healthier, and resilient.

Sure, you can read a book or look things up on-line, but for real, dramatic, and human development it takes another human being to help you find your way.  I may never reach the end of my journey but I have the confidence that I’m going in the right direction (for me).  That’s how you helped me.”

A. Dulak

I had just survived a miserable cold, gray, sad winter and was looking for a lifeline!  I had recently moved upstate to a sleepy very small town, recently retired from a career where I had traveled the world, and was fairly recently remarried after 25 years on my own. 

I needed help in designing the rest of my new life!  The exercises, questions, guided meditations were excellent and effective. It was very well thought out and implemented.

Kelly’s gentle and expert guidance (assisted by the arrival of summer sun) helped me to get out of the doldrums and in touch with what was important to me.

I would definitely recommend working with Kelly.  It will be work – useful, necessary and effective. It is worth the commitment to yourself to do the work that Kelly offers.  It can be life-changing.”


When I first began working with Kelly I was stressed, feeling stuck in a rut, and seeking more balance in my days.  I wanted to feel more “put together”, to have more control over the projects that were forever being put on hold.  I wanted a calmer, more balanced and productive life.  

As a result of working with Kelly, I now experience less guilt for “me time”, feel more balanced and less stressed.  I noticed changes almost the first week or two, but have needed to be diligent in not slipping back into old patterns.  What was most notable about our work together was that my feelings were ok and acceptable.  Her cheering me on was a pleasant surprise.

I have continued to work with Kelly because I still feel the need for reinforcement to continue the change.

I tell anyone considering working with Kelly to “Go for it!” For me there could be no better person who is as patient as Kelly.”


I fall asleep better because I am taking care of me.


It is the intangibles that are difficult to describe. I know the massages are healing. She senses when I am ready to stop talking and focus inward. My mind travels and I have discovered details for my writing during many sessions. I’ve continued to work with Kelly once a month because my well-being is enhanced by her touch, her calming sensitivity, and quiet sense of humor. She understands the importance of the writing retreats that I attend and provides a safe, quiet, atmosphere that is a kind of meditation.

Kelly also helped my daughter relieve head and neck pain after suffering several concussions. If I recommended her for my daughter, I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for physical relief and for improving their well being even if I can’t be more specific about why I’m there once a month treating myself to what I know is good for me.”


“When I first started coaching with Kelly, I wanted to become clear about who I am, and what I need for myself in my life, and in my relationship with my husband. I didn’t know where to begin, nor did I have the strength to go forward myself.

I can’t believe how much coaching helped me. I am amazed at the strength in myself that I’ve discovered through this and the tools that you’ve given me to deal with my issues. It’s been great. The notes, exercises, and meditations are fabulous! I have been relying on them. Every time we do one I add that into part of my day. I plan on using a lot of what you’ve taught me on my own to continue to create the life and relationship that are best for me.”

C.F. , Self Employed, age 65+

I find working with Kelly to be invaluable. Whether talking with her of things that I feel unsettled and unclear about or in doubt of my ability to bounce back from struggles, Kelly’s perspective and intuitive perceptions always lead me out of the woods.

It’s like she shines a flashlight, pointing to exactly what I need to see or couldn’t see at that moment and what my next step to take is. She has a way with words, so I “get” it and a way with re-stating the obvious so my path is ultra-clear when I can’t see the forest for the trees. Kelly has a gift of drawing forth out of me, gracefully and painlessly, the clarity and confidence that I know is there, but sometimes lose touch with.

I always leave feeling encouraged and knowing everything is going to be ok.”

Stacy J.

When I began working with Kelly, I was feeling unclear about my teaching work and nearing overwhelm.  I wanted to gain clarity and direction. 

We worked together about 6 months.  As a result of working with Kelly, I have felt inspired to make changes and determined to drop teaching a course that was frustrating and a time and energy drain.

I found Kelly’s use of guided imagery very helpful to get in touch with my intuition.

To anyone considering working with Kelly I would say it’s a great investment – do it!”


“The process allows you to express things you wouldn’t even have known to express – in a very nurturing, comfortable, healing way.

There are things that someone who’s considering this would never even know to express. But, the process allows you to do that in a very nurturing, comfortable, healing way. I don’t think you can get any more specific than that because everyone is so different it’s an experience everyone should have at some point in their life.

It’s life changing. It’s very life changing. And, it might not be something that someone would walk by someone on the street and say, ‘Oh – they went thru a life changing experience.’ It’s the inner life that changes. And, that’s the most dramatic.

I would not have that awareness before day 1 . I was hopeful for some help for some of the things I was thinking about, but this was so much more.

What changed in my inner life? My attitude, and the confidence I have in my decision-making. Not being in that panic mode when I am asked to do something or I look at the calendar and I see what’s coming up. Just the comfort I have with my life as I am living it and the way that I can direct it and put it in the direction that I want it to go in. The control that I have over almost everything in a very nice, good way; not a commanding sort of way, but a direction and a purpose and a confidence in what my life is about.

And, I think it affects everybody that I interact with.”


You have to be ready for change, and embrace it. I hesitated about doing this work with Kelly because I was unsure of myself.

As a result of working with Kelly, I have peeled back layers of depression and grief, and am more aware of things around me.  I especially liked the relaxation exercises I did with her.  I have given myself confidence to keep working on myself physically and mentally.

I definitely recommend Kelly and her services if you are not needing a psychologist or a psychiatrist, just someone to help point you in the right direction.  If you don’t take the time and privacy to work the program, then don’t blame anybody but yourself.”