Your Biology is Your Purpose.

Did you know your Life Purpose is built into your biology?            

Why should you care? 

Whether or not you’re living aligned with your Purpose affects your body and your health, not just your quality of life.  And, you can use your biology to know when you are on and off track with your designed Purpose.

Learning to listen to your body will help you make aligned choices and take actions that support you in living On-Purpose.

You are a Seed with a Blueprint

Just as any seed in Nature has within it all it needs to interact with the environment and BE, so do you.  The blueprint for YOU and YOUR Life is seeking to express as YOU, through YOU.  Your body is designed to do what’s needed for you to bloom, expand, and reach your full potential, fulfilling the manifestation of that built-in blueprint.

Your biological functions and processes are designed to support you YOU-niquely in living your Purpose, fueled by the flow of life force energy.  They support you in flourishing, expanding, and reaching your YOU-nique potential.  Those functions and processes are essential to the expression and manifestation of the blueprint for YOU in the world.

Though there are general similarities among humans, how the energy that is YOU flows as various functions and processes is YOU-nique to you.  And, it is guided by that blueprint that is YOU.

Your Emotions are Part of Your Purpose

Biological functions and processes that support you in your Purpose include your emotions, which are generated by your thoughts.    Your thoughts (energy) create feelings, which are energy.  But this involves more than moods.  Emotions are energy (your feelings) in motion as a set of physiological responses in your body – in your glands, organs, and tissues (energy in a “solid” form). 

You may notice these responses as a sense of expansion or contraction, muscle tension, butterflies in your stomach, feeling like you’re jumping out of your skin, the impulse to jump/shout/celebrate, a sinking or heavy feeling, feeling speechless, avoiding something, moving forward with ease, etc.


Listening to Your Guidance On-Purpose

When life force is flowing easily and optimally through you, as it is designed to do, you will experience different responses than when the flow is impeded, or imbalanced.  When that flow isn’t optimal, you experience dis-ease, which, left untended, becomes disease.  Optimal flow leads to health, well-being, and vitality, On-Purpose.

Learning to lean in and listen to these responses for the valuable guidance they are can give you priceless information to help you stay on track in YOUR lane, maintain your health and vitality, and make your YOU-nique difference in the world.  (I’ll expand on this in my next post).

Your biology IS your Purpose, in living, breathing 3-D.  Whatever is/isn’t happening within you is showing you if you are in alignment with your Purpose, or where you need to course-correct.  (Which is also related to my previous post “You Can’t Lose Your Purpose”).

Are you listening to your body?  What’s your body showing you about how you’re living YOUR Purpose?

Would love to hear your thoughts below….