What could be possible if everyone lived and worked aligned with their Purpose, in the way that gives them the most joy?

This shift we’re experiencing of epic proportions had to happen. The signs were there for a long time. They began as whispers. They grew louder as too few were listening, and heeding, them. Now, we can’t ignore them. We have a…. situation.

Of those who’ve been hearing those whispers, some have been listening, some honoring. Others have put them on the “some day” back burner, or dismissed them altogether as pipe dreams.

It’s time to BE YOU. To know who you ARE, what you REALLY WANT, and who you’re here to BE. Live YOUR Vision, Mission, and Purpose. It’s time to listen to those whispers of your Soul, of the Universe, and honor them. No more back burner. They aren’t pipe dreams. They ARE your design.

 The health and function of the natural world is dependent on every part of it, every aspect of it, fulfilling its purpose. People are an integral part of the natural world. The extent to which we are aligned with, live, and fulfill our Purpose has an impact on the well-being of the Whole.

Nature naturally re-balances and heals itself continually, at all levels (including you). Healing is essentially getting back on track with the blueprint for BEING, optimal self-expression and expansion. Sometimes, it happens very subtly. Other times it takes a crisis. Maybe even a pandemic.

As an integral part of nature, we’re part of its evolution and healing. Nature’s natural balancing act. When a shift is in order, we’re swept up in that shift, and guided to evolve, change, grow, heal, self express in further expansion. Naturally.

 When your cells don’t fulfill their Purpose optimally, you experience dis-ease. Your system seeks to correct the disfunction, and shift as those self-correcting cells kick in. You may cope and adapt. Disease may result. You may evolve, change, grow, expand, and heal to more fully self express.

What could be possible in the world if everyone knew and lived their Purpose? If their lives were filled with joy and fulfillment? If everyday they lived what’s expressing through them, without resisting it in shoulds, musts, habits, obligations, fear, doubts, judgement, the expectations and opinions of the outside world?

When someone loves what they do, their heart’s in it, they’re making their contribution, and sharing their gifts. I benefit. I feel it. I smile. I receive the fullness they’re here to share and BE. Nothing’s held back. Pure presence and joy.

And, when someone isn’t happy, is working just for the paycheck, is stressed out, their heart isn’t in it, and/or they really aren’t cut out for what they’re doing (whether its a job, or some other type of role they’ve assumed), they really aren’t present. I don’t receive the full benefit of their contribution. I feel it. I don’t smile. I long to help them find who they ARE, and have the courage and inner resources to cultivate the circumstances to live their TRUTH.

 I can’t count the number of times my life, and experiences, have been impacted either positively, or… negatively…. because those with whom I’m interacting are, or are not, aligned with their Purpose. The services and products I receive are impacted. Our relationships are impacted.

 There are times I’ve imagined shaking up the world, and let everyone fall into place, living their joy, their Purpose. No judgement. No drama. No devastation. Just a healthy new way of living and BEing.

Our current situation is the closest thing I’ve ever experienced to that Vision coming true, albeit way more grave and dramatic than I imagined. I wonder how many people will make that shift, and live On-Purpose now? How many will decide that they have nothing more to lose and everything to gain? How many will listen to those signs, take themselves off the back burner, and bring their dreams to reality?

If you know in your heart of hearts its time for a new direction, time for more joy and fulfillment, time to make YOUR difference living life on your terms, and you’re uncertain where to begin, contact me now to learn more.  We can discuss how I can help you learn to align mind-body-Soul-Purpose and live the life you were designed to live, and find YOUR way forward. Your terms. Your LIFE. On-Purpose. Let your inner light shine.