I’m concerned about what’s being shared regarding current health concerns and Coronavirus-19, and the effects that’s having.  I’m going to share here some of the most important things they are NOT telling you about BEING healthy.


What They’re NOT Telling You About BEING Healthy

First, 2 quick questions: are you taking precautions because you’re afraid of being sick? Or, are you taking actions from a place of BEING healthy?

These actually are very different questions.  Yes. Different.  The motivation and focus are different. And that makes THE difference in the outcome.

If you’re TRULY concerned about your health, pause…. and think about your motivation, and your answer to those questions.  Are you living out of fear/avoiding illness? Or, are you focused on being healthy? Truly focused on health, without focusing on your health out of…… fear of being sick?

Low vibration emotions, such as fear, stress your body, weaken your immune system, and voilá! “Dis-ease”. Disease.

Germs need the right environment to thrive, just like any living thing.  You are the environment for the germs within you.  Awareness – Choice – Shift in bodymindset – Shift in Choices – Shift in environment – Shift in health.  Including all of the recommendations of the CDC, and the allopathic medicine model, etc., of course (because most of us aren’t completely fear free…..).   Common sense. New perspective.

Emotions are automatic, subconscious physiological expressions of your thoughts filtered through your beliefs.  Automatic.  It’s your survival system intended to move you out of harm’s way.  Your body can’t lie. It is the sum total of your thoughts.   This IS how we’re wired.  

So, HOW do you BE healthy?

Being brutally honest with yourself and bringing to light what’s going on in your non-conscious mind is essential.  As a human, fear is natural, and serves a purpose.  It’s our survival mechanism. But, it also can dis-serve when we lose perspective, and forget that we have some control.  

Honor all of your emotions and their sensations as signals showing you how you’re BEING, even the lower ones.  Thank them for their presence, assess the threat, move into higher vibration thoughts and feelings, and take inspired action. Choose health. 

Yes you CAN think positively.  That helps channel some of your energy differently.  But are you BEING positive? (How do you know if you’re BEING positive? Well, is your body feeling positive?) Or, are fear and other low vibration emotions still dominating because deep down you REALLY don’t believe the positive thoughts you’re thinking?  If your body isn’t BEING (feeling) positive, your beliefs aren’t aligned with your thoughts.  Love and fear are opposite ends of the same spectrum.  Which do you choose?  

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) reportedly made this statement on his deathbed: “The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything”, essentially recanting his germ theory which assigned the cause of disease to microbes invading the body, reeking havoc, and specific germs causing specific diseases.  Claude Bernard (1813-1878), a physiologist and contemporary of Pasteur, is credited as the originator of this quote.  

Bernard, and another contemporary of Pasteur, Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908), believed disease was a condition of imbalance in the internal terrain of the body, and emphasized the context/environment in which the germs lived, not the germs.  In other words, they believed disease was a condition of imbalance in the internal terrain of the body.  

Stress Is An Amplified Signal of Imbalance

Stress is an amplified signal that your internal environment is out of balance.  Mind-body-Soul are not in alignment.  You’re not fully living YOUR truth, BEING the divine self you were YOU-niquely designed to be.  That’s part of the human experience and our Soul’s journey.  We can accept it, honor it, let it serve its purpose by listening to it and making new choices from a place of enlightened beliefs. Purpose served.  Stress resolved. Or, let it take us down.  Which is more empowering?  

Choose according to what works for you and your beliefs.  Honor that.  What is possible here that you never even considered?  

As I’ve said so very often, the world needs YOU now more than ever to be YOU, to live who you were designed to be.  On-Purpose.

All of the work I do supports you in naturally BEING you, resolving the underlying physiological stress patterns at the source.  Whether in person or not.  (Yes, I am still doing craniosacral sessions in person because I believe in it’s tremendous power having lived it myself, and watching clients evolve through it).  If you aren’t able to make it to me in person, or prefer not to, but are interested in experiencing the stillness and potential of such sessions at a distance, that is also possible.  

You do not need to miss your craniosacral session benefits.  Craniosacral therapy and the work I do through coaching help resolve stress, which naturally boosts your immune system.  THAT is a whole other email… :-).

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Remember, what they’re not telling you about BEING healthy: your inner environment IS something you can impact, and make it unfavorable for germs to live.  Your bodymindset – BEING – feeling healthy, positive, loving from a place of LOVE and TRUST in all that IS – dramatically impacts that environment.  It impacts it adversely when you are in a lower vibration.  You have the power within you….

Stay tuned for more support and opportunities to BE Healthy, BE YOU.  I’m quickly implementing some new options/services, and will keep you posted. 

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I see your Light!  I see your Greatness!!! Let your inner light shine!!!  Talk to you soon!