Are YOU Really Making Your New Year’s Resolutions?


Or, are the ideas, goals, dreams, etc. really coming from Source?

Why should you care?  If you really want to be happy, healthy, satisfied, and live the changes you really want, read on.

First of all, Happy New Year!  Hard to believe it’s that time again when many take a deep breath, and focus on creating a fresh start for the year ahead with visions, intentions, goals, and/or resolutions.

Yet, a few weeks into the year, even the best of intentions begin to wane.  Sound familiar?

I know that has typically been the case for me.  I get caught up in the energy and promise of a New Year, and a fresh start.  And, I have all sorts of good intentions.  And, a few weeks into the year… all that has gone away….

Will YOUR Resolutions Lose Steam in a Few Weeks?

There’s more than one reason that our momentum and commitment lose steam, but there’s a great reason tied to free will and energy which isn’t commonly addressed.  That greater reason is tied into something important happening a few weeks into January.

And, I’ll get to that…. 

But, for it all to make sense, I invite you to pause, and ask yourself this question: “Why did I choose to read this blog?” Seriously.  WHY?  Perhaps you were intrigued, or you always read my blogs, or you clicked a link accidentally while scrolling.  Or, something else. 

Regardless of your answer, I invite you to next ask yourself: “What caused me to have the thoughts on which I took action and opened this post?  Where did the thoughts, impulse, habit, etc. originate?”

How do thoughts and ideas come to be in your mind to begin with?

Doesn’t everything actually come from something greater than our human selves…. a.k.a….. “Source”?  If we come from Source, doesn’t everything that we may claim as “us” (incl. thoughts) originate in…. “Source”?  Maybe we’ve transformed or transmuted the raw beginnings in some way into something new, yes.  But the raw beginnings are from the void of Oneness, “Source”.

What does this have to do with our fresh approach, visions, goals, resolutions in a New Year? Maybe more than you’ve considered, and everything – if you really want to “improve” your life, grow, and expand in ways that feel great. 

Part of what I’ve been studying, contemplating, and experimenting with more deeply during the last 2 years is our deeper origins, how we manifest/create, patterns we live, and whether or not we actually have free will. 

And, all of this boils down to: “Source” IS behind it ALL, and has a flow and intention of its own.  “Source” has all of the information and oversight needed to work, flow, function, expand, create, grow, evolve, etc., operating according to “The Laws”.  Laws of Nature, Attraction, Physics, etc.  Laws which humans are continually exploring, understanding, and working with to create, manifest, succeed, and be healthy. 

What Does This Have to Do With New Year’s?

The Gregorian Calendar says is it is a New Year.  BUT, is it really?  According to the flow of creation energy, it is NOT a new year until January 21st.

Say what?  And, so what?

Beginning with the Solstice 12/21, we go through energetic stages to prepare us for the new year.  It’s essentially a time of introspection, opening, loving, being in gratitude, choosing our battles, determining what’s important, and letting go of the old, and syncing with Source energy to begin anew January 21st.

AND, that Source energy DOES us.  It’s an intelligence available for us to sync with, align with, and create what’s intended for us, through us.

Sync with Source, or Exercise Your “Free Will”?

We can exercise our “free will” to make another choice without the full power and energy of Source/ the Universe/“your word”, behind it = we are less resourced and struggle more to maintain momentum and follow through.  Or, we can lean into what Source is calling for us to BE and Do, and avail ourselves of its natural resources supporting us in our growth and expansion.

As I’ve said before, stress is a sign of being out of alignment with our TRUTH, our Purpose.  It’s a function of The Laws, as Source’s all-knowing guidance supports us in living as we are designed to live.  On-Purpose.

So, do you really have free will?  Who REALLY is setting your intentions?  Are you going to Sync with Your Soul™️ and align with the energy of what’s yours?  Or, are you going to set goals from your logic and intellect?

Mid-December every year I still feel the promise of a fresh start and the inclination to assess my life, and discern which changes I’d like to make. But, now I sync with my Soul, and allow myself to do the inner work from the end of one calendar year into the next prior to discerning what’s mine to work with and on in coming days, and months.  And, it’s usually right around the 21st of January when I naturally settle into that discernment.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Happy New Year!