You shouldn't lose weight

Why You Shouldn’t Lose Weight

I often have requests for help with weight loss.  The first thing that comes to mind when I hear that is: “you shouldn’t lose weight”.

Why you shouldn’t lose weight….

Did you know your non-conscious mind automatically takes action to help you find something you lost?   So, if you lose weight, your non-conscious mind will naturally try to help you find it and get it back……. Hence, you shouldn’t “lose” weight.

And, when focusing on weight loss, where’s your focus?  On the excess weight?  We know from the Law of Attraction, you get more of what you are focused on….  excess weight.

You shouldn't lose weightAdditionally, deciding to “lose weight” can set you up for feeling guilty and upset with yourself, especially if your head is in charge. You may have an ideal diet, size and weight in mind.  All numbers, and very heady.  And, if your head is in charge, you may be setting yourself up for failure because you are missing the underlying issues.  Your heart is what really provides the momentum to carry you to your destination. Your head should follow your heart’s lead for optimal success.

When your head’s in charge, you’re likely relying on willpower to get your through.  “Willpower” is really just saying “no”. “NO” doesn’t work well.  Why not set yourself up to succeed from the beginning by creating the right environment, and having the right internal momentum to maintain your progress and deal with guilt that arises?

Your heart needs to be in it, and your mind needs to be open….

Powerful invitation: adjust your thinking.

Consider “releasing” weight, i.e., that which no longer serves you, vs. “losing” weight that your non-conscious will then try to help you recover.  Let it go to where it best serves, wherever that may be, which is beyond you.

Focus on what you REALLY want, and you will have more success.  What you REALLY want IS NOT a certain weight, or a certain size, or even a certain look.  Nope.  Your motivators for any change are the feelings you will have when you acquire or achieve those “externals”.  Feelings come from the heart, not the head…..  Transformational coaching 101.  Just sayin’.

You should aim for balance, you shouldn't lose weight

Your weight’s a result of many complex interrelated factors.

It’s important to get to all of the underlying issues to achieve your ideal healthy weight.  Genetics, physiology, diet, lifestyle, emotional factors, other health issues, medications, etc. are some of the factors that play a part.

If your weight’s an issue for you, I invite you to expand your perspective.  Assess yourself and your life holistically. What is out of balance?  Commit to restoring balance, and your health as a result.  Your weight will follow.

You shouldn’t lose weight.  Aim for balance in your life for optimal health.

If you wish to begin addressing your weight by focusing on your food intake, check out: “Put Your Best Fork Forward”.  Or, “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right”.

Your answers ARE within you.

Everything I do with my clients is based upon the idea that within each of us there is wisdom that is guiding us to become who we are designed perfectly to BE.  Learning to tune in to that Inner Wisdom of the body/mind can help you discern what’s holding you back and blocking you, and choose what’s best for you going forward.

It’s about living intuitively.  It’s neither hocus-pocus, nor saved for the “special ones”.  Living intuitively IS in your design.  That applies to living your life in all respects, which is ultimately interrelated with your health and well-being.  Being your ideal healthy weight is no different.

If you’d like more help living intuitively for a balanced life and well-being, just click here to apply for a complimentary Discovery Session, and we’ll set up a time to talk.

I see your Light!  I see your Greatness! Do you?

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  1. Shelley
    Shelley says:

    For me it’s more about creating a healthy balance. I don’t like diets because I feel that you shouldn’t be forbidden to eat something. I think that changing your eating habits is the way to go. I have done this recently and have released 8 pounds. Once I let go of thinking that I needed to eat sweets every day and added in the fruits and vegetables that I always really wanted to eat, the less healthy cravings have subsided. And I am feeling better. I think it’s a process but you have to be ready to release things. Great article, Kelly!

    • Kelly Myszkowski
      Kelly Myszkowski says:

      Thank you for sharing, Shelley. Great work! I love how you found what worked for you!

      I agree, it is about healthy balance. And, there are some foods we may indeed need to avoid. IF we can work with someone who has the right knowledge, and who is a good fit for us, we can learn to tune in to ourselves and find what is best for us to reach that balance in a healthy way. Our bodies know what is and isn’t healthy for us.

      One pitfall can arise when we are eating things that are not good for us, and our bodies are responding in ways that make us “feel good” initially. This can fool us into believing they are ok, or are good for us, or at the very least, that they are not a problem.

      It is easier if we can take baby steps, and add in healthier choices, to create new habits. Psychologically it is easier to add in something than to take away or avoid something we enjoy, or are used to having. Taking away something feels like a loss, and may even feel like punishment.

      Thank you for being willing to be seen here, and serving as an inspiration to others! Way to go!


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