Sync with Your Soul’s Vision for 2020 

The Art & Science of Manifesting from Your Soul


Wednesday January 22, 2020

5:30-7:00 pm

Are you “over” making resolutions that you don’t keep?
Do you STILL want to make meaningful, enjoyable changes in yourself and/or your life? Changes you actually enjoy pursuing and will achieve?

What would it be like to:
envision a life you love,
know exactly what you’re ready, willing, and able to change to create that,
look forward to actually putting that plan into place, and
manifest that life?

That CAN happen.
Join us for this workshop in which you’ll learn and practice implementing the art and science strategies needed to do just that.

You’ll learn to refine your practice of the art of dreaming, which is a cooperative effort with Source. You’ll learn strategies to clear your mind, and allow your inspirations to surface naturally. And, practice doing so.

Then, you’ll learn strategies to implement the science of tuning your self to receive and manifest your dreams and desires. Just like tuning in to the radio or tv station you want, you have to adjust your tuner, your mind, to the right frequency to live your dreams and desires. Practice doing so.

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A willingness to do/be/live your best life yet
Journalling/doodling supplies
Your sense of humor
WHERE: 3RD FLOOR – Conference room – left rear corner – The Inn at Stone Mill

Your dreams and desires are related to your Purpose. Living your Purpose is the most natural thing in the world. Life is naturally waiting to bring your dreams into being when you sync with it.

Being human, it’s easy to thwart this process, letting doubts, fears, shoulds, musts, and other conditioning get in the way. Your Purpose then becomes life unlived, unexpressed, diverted, showing as discontent, dis-ease, challenges, problems, etc.

Your discontent, dis-ease, longings are showing you where you are out of alignment with your Purpose.

Only 10% of people keep their resolutions, and by mid-February 80% have already failed. Not because they aren’t good people. They don’t understand how to connect with Source, harnessing the power coming through and into them, to dream their dreams, and then tune themselves to BEING their dreams.

Are you among those who makes resolutions based on your shoulds, their musts, what they “think” is a great idea, or what someone else “suggests” you “should” do?

Join us to sync with your Soul’s intentions for this lifetime. The intentions your heart is actually IN. The ones that you won’t let take a back seat to everything else. The dreams and desires that you REALLY want.

See you soon!!!

Additional Workshops are available for the public, as well as privately for groups and businesses.

Contact Kelly for information.

Mindset Matters Stress Management Seminar Introductory Series:




1. Simple Stress Busters
2. Cultivating Confidence
3. Self-Care for Better Work-Life Balance
Other Topics are available upon request. Each can be customized to your needs in 60- and 90-minute seminars as well as longer workshop formats.
Here’s what previous workshop participants have shared:


“Kelly helped me to understand how we can heal ourselves.” Kathleen C.

“Kelly really helped me to recognize and relate to feelings in my body and how they relate to situations.  This has changed my life by investing in me.

For anyone considering working with Kelly I would say, go for it. Empower yourself. Become whole again.” – Michele Dinardo

“Kelly really helped me to get in touch with my inner knowledge and ability to see the reality of each situation. For anyone considering working with Kelly, I would say allow yourself to consider your thoughts and subconscious as a factor in your mind/body wellness.” Diane R.

“Kelly really helped me to remember that I am on the right path. Now I can manifest abundance.” – Heather Coleman

Here’s what others are saying:

“Kelly is a wonderful teacher full of integrity. I have found the way she connects to the core of the work and each process extremely inspiring. Through the work we have done together I have learned so much about myself. Kelly is always fully present, and she articulates in a way that has given me a profound understanding of what Transformational Coaching is and how it can positively impact all of our lives. Kelly creates an exceptional space for growth, and I’m so grateful to have been taught by her.”   – Elisabeth O. 

“Absolutely recommend it.  Useful, worthwhile, inspiring! Enjoyed it all – well paced, well structured. Well paced, good message and implementation and good response.  You really are talented, very good speaker – you must get more (and effective) exposure! – Alice Laurenson 

“Soulful – come with an open mind.” – Michelle Boylan

“Book her!!  She’s amazing. Everything was useful.  It was fantastic.” – Sue Finkst

“Open your mind, relax and listen, absorb it all, take it in.”   Nancy Downing