Do you know your Purpose? 

If you lose your job, retire, become single or an empty nester, or lose another hat/title/role, would you feel you lost your Purpose?

But, what if another perspective were possible? What if roles and hats weren’t your Purpose after all?Imagine it being easier to navigate life crises across all circumstances still clearly knowing who you are, feeling On-Purpose, and not feeling lost……

Your Purpose Isn’t Your Role, Hat, or Title

I’ve seen many people define their Purpose in terms of a role they are fulfilling, or a hat/title they are wearing.  Then, when they experience a tremendous change such as empty nesting, divorce, loss of a loved one, or even retirement, they feel like they’ve lost their Purpose, their reason for living.  They feel lost, alone, unwanted, unneeded, depressed, etc.

And, the resulting difficult feelings diminish their health and vitality.  They feel they’re getting old, things aren’t what they used to be, they have less value in the world, and no one wants them, and they have no place any longer.  And, it becomes a self-perpetuating cycle of decline, and difficult feelings. 

What Are You Attached To?

We did an interesting exercise in massage school decades ago.  We wrote things on small pieces of paper that were deeply important to us.  And, during the exercise we had to give some of them away, and open ourselves to having some of them taken from us. 

 It was interesting to note the attachment I felt, and the potential loss, just working with simple pieces of paper. Others, as I did, found it difficult to let go of the last piece of paper….

It’s All About Perspective

My perspective has changed since then.  I’ve grown.  Of course, I still have people/things that I could lose instantly, which I value deeply and would grieve their loss.  But, at such times I also return to my core, to who I AM, and know I’ve not lost my Purpose.  I’ve not lost ME.  If nothing else, I’ve deepened my commitment and grown in how I live it. 

I work and live from the perspective that our True Purpose is something much deeper, connected to a grander picture beyond ourselves.  Our hats and roles are simply some possible ways in which we’re DOING our Mission, i.e., what we’re designed to do, to create our VISION (how things will BE).  And our Purpose is what we’ll HAVE as a result of DOING (our Mission) to create the BEING (Vision). 

My Vision: a world in which everyone is living On-Purpose, aligned mind-body-Soul-Purpose, and making their YOU-nique differences in the world.  My Mission: to teach others how to align mind-body-Soul-Purpose and find their next steps, choices, and decisions living On-Purpose.  My Purpose (what I have as a result): living my Soul’s intentions for this lifetime. 

“Mission” Only Sounds Like a Role….

HOW I “teach” others isn’t necessarily by literally teaching.  It’s by modelling, by living aligned, fully being ME in the world and contributing what and how I can in the moment in ways that are uplifting to my Soul.

“Mission” is not limited to hats, roles, and titles, though they may be how I’m doing my Mission at the time.  I coach, speak, write, do bodywork, play, laugh, cook, clean, converse, love, and dance aligned.  Those are all ways of living my Mission, teaching others in a bigger way, creating my Vision in the world On-Purpose.  Make sense?

Make sense?

Purpose-FULLY Navigating with Ease, Despite Circumstances

I know who I AM, and what my core values are.  I remain connected to: my Inner Wisdom guiding me along the way to BEING ME, my Vision for the world, DOING the aligned choices and actions I’m here to DO, so that I HAVE my big WHY: living my Soul’s intentions for this lifetime.

All of that together is what enables me to make aligned choices, take aligned actions, not compromise my values, and enjoy health and vitality despite the outside circumstances.

I’m committed to living my Soul’s intentions for this lifetime. My Purpose.

What’s your Purpose?  What will you have (your big “WHY”/Purpose) as a result of doing what you are here to do (your Mission), so that things will BE as you enVision?

Feel free to comment below.  I’d love to get to know you, too!