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Your 8-year-old self would cry if she knew…..

Do you feel like you know and live your Purpose?

Elements of your Purpose are in every aspect of your Being, and experience.  It is just a matter of knowing how to look at it.

I invite you to consider this question: “What is true about me today that would make my 8-year-old self cry?”

What is it that you used to dream about as a child? Have you realized those dreams?  What did you love doing?  Are you still doing those things?  If not, invite your 8-year old self to ask your “now” self, “Why not?” Your answers will probably make that inner child cry.

“I can’t make money at it.”  “I am not good enough.”  “Doing what I love isn’t going to get me anywhere.” “Pipe dreams don’t have value.”  Etc.  Your answers likely are simply not your TRUTH.  You just think they are…..

You were more closely aligned with living your Purpose in childhood than you may realize. The limiting beliefs you formed in the first 2 years of life had a wonderful way of extinguishing the flame of your passions and joy as you grew. And, your awareness of your Purpose got overshadowed along the way…. as your confidence got crushed.  They write textbooks about it even…..

To begin to re-build your confidence, examine your responses above, and your beliefs, to help you course-correct finding and living your TRUTH, aligned with your Purpose.

Living in alignment with my Purpose increases my confidence and decision-making, reduces my stress, and increases my peace, joy, awe, and fulfillment exponentially!  Priceless!! 💖 Others agree. That’s why I am dedicated to helping you live your Best Life Yet, ON-Purpose for an Awesome Second Half!

To truly create the life your heart craves, you must devote time to you.  “ME Time”.  Don’t have time?  It IS easier than you think.  You can fit you into your already busy schedule, seamlessly, and you can get started by grabbing your copy of my Fr** eBook  Creating Time for “ME”!  Your Breakthrough Guide to Finally Creating the Vital “ME Time” You Secretly Crave .

Creating TIme for Me!

I will be doing an in-person workshop on March 10th to help you see how easy it is to fit that vital “ME Time” you crave into your busy life.  Click here for more info.

Life will go on with or without you.  It will not stop and wait.  There will always be things needing your attention.  Crises.  Distractions.  Reasons to put it off.  All are Excuses, Dear One!

You have lived your life by default ’till now.  What is it costing you in quality of life and health to wait to align intentionally with your Purpose?

Transformational coaching can help you align with and LIVE your Purpose.  Contact me today to find out how:  kellymyszkowski@gmail.com

I see your Light!  I see your Greatness!

Love and Peace, Kelly