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Who you are IS your best resource.  Are you ready to be empowered by living authentically?

You have been given all you need to be YOU, and live the life you came here to live.  You have all the gifts, traits, talents, passions, preferences, and abilities you need to be the best version of you.  Everything you need right NOW to be in this moment is present in you, with you.  Who you are IS your best resource.

No one can be you better than you.  No one can fill the place that you alone hold.

When you live fully into that, and aligned with it, you optimize your connection with your best resource – YOU.  The natural order of things then supports you optimally in Being, living, fulfilling your Purpose.

You are empowered by living authentically.

When you are not living authentically, it is as if you are trying to constantly do a job with the wrong skills, lack of knowledge, and lack of passion.  It is as if you don’t fit, and you are struggling to do so.  That will zap your energy, and leave you feeling stressed.

Being the best version of YOU may take making some changes.

Live in the moment - your best resourceDeciding to do that is the first step.  Showing up for yourself with intention, and boundaries, will help you stick with your decision.  Learning to choose your best “yes” and say “no” can be difficult for many, but is a necessary part of the journey and growth process.

Appreciating, celebrating, making the most of your best asset, BEING YOU, means being willing to know yourself as never before.  You can begin by tuning in to yourself, connecting with the wisdom of your mind and body.  Being brutally honest with yourself will go a long ways here as well.

And, it takes letting others see you as you have never been seen before.   Courage and self esteem will help you fully live into being who you ARE, transcending the opinions of others.  You then can find greater ease and satisfaction loving and appreciating yourself unconditionally.   Again, this speaks to having the intention, setting the needed boundaries, choosing your “best yes”, and saying no when you need to.

None of this means that you can, nor must, do it alone.

Humans are communing creatures by design, and are meant to work together.  You are not alone.

By connecting to your Inner Wisdom, you can be more aware of where and how to ask for, and receive, help.  And, by asking for help you are giving others a gift: the ability to fulfill their Purpose by filling their YOU-nique place in all that is.

When you wisely choose with whom you spend your time, and how, you will find it easier to be authentically YOU, too.  Choosing to be with those who truly love and support you will go a long ways in supporting your growth.

Your Inner Wisdom IS a part of who you ARE.

You inner wisdom connects you to your best resourceIn other words, your Inner Wisdom is one aspect of your best resource.   It will show you when and how to course-correct to live authentically.

Your Inner Wisdom transcends your Ego, i.e. your personality self, and your conscious mind, and directs you from Source, whatever that is for you.  Thus, it is limitless.

It can help you align with who you ARE, thus helping you to stress less, and enjoy more.

How do you know if you are tapping in to your best resource, who you ARE?

Ask yourself, “Am I:

  • living with an healthy level of stress?
  • fully aware of my potential and living up to it?
  • loving myself and others unconditionally?
  • TRULY,  unconditionally happy?
  • TRULY, unconditionally satisfied?”

If you answered “yes” to most or all of those questions, you are aligned with your own TRUTH, with who you TRULY are.  You know on a very deep level who you are, and what you are here to do.

If you “No” to most or all of those questions, you are not aligned with who you ARE.  Then,  you are not making optimal use of your best resource.  It is as if you are being wasteful, or disrespectful of nature in one sense.

Who you ARE is your best resource.

Optimizing your best resourceYour best resource will energize and nurture you to live the life your heart knows you were born to live.   When you are fully, consciously, intentionally living aligned with who you ARE, you will feel fully resourced, peaceful, happy, and connected. You are empowered by living authentically.

If you stress less, you are healthier.

When you are happier, you are healthier.

When fully being YOU, you are less stressed, healthier, happier.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Do you want it enough to take the next step and DECIDE to be YOU?

Not sure how to start empowering yourself with your best resource?

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Are you ready to BE YOU?