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Your Mind Is Your Body SunsetYour mind is your body.  I have touched upon this in the past.

My last article focused on the role unresolved emotional issues can play in your health.  I spoke of how those emotions arise out of the beliefs you hold. Those emotions are the resulting innate non-conscious responses in your body. Those responses, left unhealed, i.e. unresolved, can adversely affect your health.  To heal your body you must also heal your mind.

To apply this further “in real life”, it is helpful to take a closer look at how your body is representative of your mind. Your biography is your biology. Your mind is your body.

It’s easy to see how your past habits and experiences make their mark on your body.  You are shaped by what you eat, drink, inhale, inject, etc.  And, all the cuts, bruises, accidents, strains, births, surgeries, leave their marks, too.

Explaining “Your Mind is Your Body”….

Thoughts ARE energy.  They have a vibration, a quality that lifts you up, brings you down, or is somewhere between – neutral.

When you think of “mind”, don’t you think of “thoughts”?  Your mind is thoughts, memories, etc.

Thoughts are concepts, ideas, which create.  They may create the next greatest invention.  They may create peace in the world.  They may create dinner this evening. They may create a “recollection”, a memory.

They also create responses in your body.  They make you sit up, stand up, run, walk, clean, cook, talk, etc..

Thoughts about your situation, or experiences, which have a strong connection to feelings go beyond that and also make you calm, nervous, laugh, or even cry.

Talking, laughing, relaxing, crying are all your body in motion, a state of being.

Your mind is your body.  This is not a new idea.

All of the gurus are writing about it, talking about it, and making tons of money in the process.  What they are doing, as I am hoping to do here, is waking you up to what you already instinctively know on some level.

Have you never used at least one of these terms or phrases:  heartbreaking, gut wrenching, makes me sick to my stomach, can’t stomach that?   What was going on in your life at the time?  How did you feel? What was going on in your body?

Have you never heard of a case of nerves, someone having butterflies or a nervous stomach?  Was there not actually a physical response happening in those cases?  Heart racing, palms sweating, stomach turning?

Your thoughts do generate a physical response.  They are creating your body in a particular state.

Your biography (mind) IS your biology (body), so your mind is your body.

What if your thoughts are less obvious?  What if you are simply going about your daily routine?  You know, the routine you take for granted with no consideration for how you REALLY feel about it…..

How do you REALLY feel about your life on a daily basis?  What is your “normal” daily emotional state?

Do you LOVE your life?  Do you feel relaxed, confident, at peace, happy, and/or fulfilled?  Are you satisfied?  Is it ok to go on the way you are, or is it time for a change?

I invite you to take the time to be brutally honest with yourself here.  Listen to those subtle whispers you always dismiss.  Listen to those shouts you block out. You are writing your next chapter…..

Your thoughts are present whether you are aware of them or not.  Turning the volume down on the radio, or changing the station does not change what the radio station is still broadcasting in the background ……  Get my point?

Being brutally honest about your feelings related to your daily life can go a long way toward reducing your stress, and improving your health and well-being.   You are living and feeling day in, day out, whether or not you are paying attention to yourself.

How do you want to live?  Thriving, or merely surviving?

Ignoring those whispers and shouts can take you down in the end. It isn’t too late to start to change, even as a woman in mid-life who is set in her ways,…. or has lost her way….

You have control over your health your mind is your body

You do have control over your life, and health.  Awareness is your first step…..

If you need help in hearing and really LISTENING to those whispers and shouts, harvesting the pearls of wisdom within, CONTACT ME TODAY for a free consultation. Contact Kelly Myszkowski

In my next article, we will journey deeper into mind=body.  Your mind IS your body.


For an enlightening must-read on this topic related to cancer in particular: https://www.brucelipton.com/resource/article/epigenetics.