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When you came into this world, you took on an assignment to live your Purpose.

You accepted the assignment to BE You, designed in a particular way to experience and do particular things.  You are a YOU-nique package of passions, gifts, traits, and talents packaged to fulfill your Purpose.

Have you ever really thought about that?

When you stray from living in a way that is fully aligned with who you TRULY are, you experience stress.  Stress results when you experience the pressure of your “shoulds” and “musts”, i.e. your perceived obligations vs. your passions.  You feel like a square peg in a round hole, lacking REAL satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy.

And, you may also feel like you have lived by default, or by someone else’s idea of your life.

Each and every action you take, you take for a reason: to satisfy a need.

Every motivation satisfies a need, has a purposeEVERY need you are trying to satisfy ultimately relates to your survival, so that your species can survive.

This is more readily apparent in some cases than others.  You obviously need a home, nourishment, and safety.  These contribute to your health and well-being.

Even the simple conveniences and pleasures satisfy the need to feel good, which is associated with nourishment and safety.  Stress reduction, which support survival, and is also associated with feeling good.

But, you also need to fit in, and be accepted.  Without acceptance, you feel shunned, left out, and, therefore, you cannot satisfy the primal needs to commune and pro-create. Pro-creation and community are essential to survival of the species.

The need to fit in and be in style is also a motivator, and has a purpose.The need to be accepted drives you to try to make others happy, do what is expected, etc.  The desire to look good, and be in style, and keep up with your peers, is also driven by that need.

Can you see how EVERY choice you make is either related to your basic needs for home, nourishment, and safety, and/or acceptance?

Your perception of your needs can become skewed so that you fear for your survival unnecessarily.  Often your Ego, i.e. your personality self not your Soul drives such needs, taking you into the world of stress.

“Fitting in” also includes living consciously aligned with your Purpose.

Intuitively, you know what your role is in the Big Picture.  You are one of a kind that fills greater needs and roles in the natural order of things which no one else can.  Your place is You-nique.

Yet, having a Purpose often connotes frivolity and selfishness.  And, fear of being seen as selfish, not doing what is expected, etc., can drive you to make other choices so that you are accepted.

Living aligned with your Purpose is not frivolous.  In doing so, you fulfill needs because you fit in your YOU-nique place, i.e. completing your assignment in the Big Picture.

Understanding your motivations is key to resolving stress and the resulting pain and disease.

By understanding your motivations, you can see your situation from a different perspective as you attempt to satisfy your needs. You can learn to distinguish the basic needs of your Ego and personality self from those that are TRUE to you, and the intentions of your Soul.

New motivations and choices appear when you approach life from that different perspective.

You can then take different actions even more aligned with your Purpose.

Live your Purpose. Just BEAs you live consciously aligned with your Purpose, you can experience greater energy, joy, and Peace.  Then, you can complete your assignment.

This is a lifelong process whose skills can be honed.  You have these skills built within you.

To use them, you simply need to learn to connect the dots between what is going on in your mind, your body, and your life and LISTEN to the guidance within your “symptoms”.  There are pearls of wisdom hidden with…..

Just BE.

Following your Inner Wisdom, i.e. your Inner Compass, is a skill you can learn.

That wisdom is built within you and your physiology naturally.  It is a compass guiding you regardless of what you believe to be its origins or source.  You simply need to learn to follow it.

To help you take your next step in the process of following your Inner Wisdom, get your copy of my fr*e 5-step Quick-Start Guide to Release Anxiety, Chronic Pain, and Stress.  

5-step Quick-Start Guide to Release Anxiety, Chronic Pain, and Stress

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You are one of a kind.  Regardless of your similarities to others, no one else experiences life exactly as you do.  No one else can live in your head and walk in your shoes.  It is your Purpose to be YOU.

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