Stop Looking Outside Yourself for What You Already Possess…

Seeds. Simple things.  But, how do they become what they’re supposed to be?  And, what does that have to do with you?

Seeds know what to do to become what they’re designed to be.  They accept and take what they need to do it.  Whether flourishing in optimal conditions, or adapting and persevering through adversity, they become what they’re designed to be.  And, they serve their Purpose in the grand scheme of things. Without question or reservation.  Automatically.  Naturally.

I find that fascinating!!! Don’t you?

But, what does this have to do with you? 

You, too, like seeds in nature, have everything within you to become something special, who you are naturally designed to BE.  And, to live your Purpose in the grand scheme of things.  Without question or reservation.  Automatically.  Naturally.

 Yet, many people don’t believe they have a purpose. Or, if they believe they have one, they don’t know what it is.  They question who they ARE.  They feel lost, out of place, or like their life doesn’t fit very well. 

It’s human.

It’s common to be stressed out, living in the habit of coping, existing, simply surviving, and earning a living.  Identifying with our roles and “hats”, living our “shoulds and musts”, and feeling unfulfilled.

But, we’re perfectly designed to live On-Purpose, as an integral part of something greater and grander.  Making our YOU-nique difference.  We have a blueprint within us for that.

So, why do humans have a more complicated journey than seeds in nature?

Conditioning.  Our magnificently developed minds are easily programmed.

We’re taught who we are, and how to live, by our well-intentioned care givers.  And, let’s face it, they tend to be a bit happier when our behavior makes their lives easier, right?  So, they help us learn to do that, too.  (Especially when we are living our TRUTH as kids: exploring, dancing, shouting, communicating with our “imaginary friends”, etc.). We’re further influenced by society, teachers, peers, the media, etc.   And, before age 7, without knowing it, we’ve learned how to be “good”, and live the way we… “should”.  Well-conditioned. Or… not.

The problem? That’s often different from who we’re designed to BE.  Which, causes us… stress.

The good news?

Our stress response is one aspect of our intuition system.  It’s natural, built-in guidance showing us we’re out of alignment with who we ARE, and our Purpose.  Which means…. are you ready for it?…… drumroll, please…. We can use the stress response to find who we ARE, know our Purpose, and live our TRUTH.  Without question or reservation.  Automatically.  Naturally.

The seeds of potential to BE YOU are within you, waiting to be tapped.  Waiting to flourish in optimal conditions.  Your direction and answers are within you and your Inner Wisdom is showing them to you. 

Stop looking outside yourself for what you already possess.

The world’s waiting for you to fully, optimally take your place in All That Is, BE who you are here to be, and do your part in the grand scheme of things. Live YOUR Purpose, YOUR Potential. Naturally.  Automatically.  

Who and what are YOU becoming? 

Are you ready to release the limitations of your conditioning, re-connect with your blueprint, nurture the seeds of your potential over the next 6 months to BE YOU, and live YOUR Purpose?  If “YES” is definitively your answer, email me.  Then, I’ll ask you a few questions, and, if it makes sense, we’ll chat and see if we’re a fit for my Sync with Your Soul 1:1 private coaching program.

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